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It makes me cringe to have 'experts' tell us not to fear the Fed. You don't fear the Fed but you do fear a market that fears the Fed. If the rest of the world is selling because they are afraid, justified or not, you respect the price action and move out of the way.
-- James “Reverend Shark” DePorre

I was channel surfing for some old Lawrence Welk music videos when I found these. They are not quite as old but still appeal to the senior citizen I've become.


She may or may not know that, but the editors of the Wall Street Journal certainly do, and for them to put her story out as if her insurance problems would disappear if only the Affordable Care Act ceased to exist is nothing short of malpractice. ... z2kD0Uesyb ... an-2013-11

Debka... 30% Crazy Shit, 30% YOU'LL Never Be Connected Enough To Find Out If This Is True Or Not.... and 30% Seen There A Day Or A Month Before Major News Sources... ... d-is-bare- ... or-2013-11
 ... revisited/ ... al-history ... l&_r=0

Nest Of Snakes ... al-2013-11

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Do I Think Of My Self As One Of The Almost Gone Generation Where The Floor, When All Else Failed, Was To Show Up Every Day At A So So Job, Still Be Able To Buy A House, Raise Kids, And Retire With Dignity? Some Times... ... revolution ... an-2012-10

Fuckin' "A" Tweetie ... ext_phase/

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