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Jes' Another Brokedown Retahrd Ol' Pipefitter..... (4.00).
I Listened To An Ex Senator Alan Simpson Interview On The Bi Partisan Deficit Report....Horrifying...I Think It Is Fixable. I'm Not Sure It Will Be.... (3.65).
Wasn't Gonna. Now I Hafta... (3.17).
if you don't find it out here, ya ain't gonna find it out. (3.16).
A Raging Inferno of Coruscating Incandesence. Fire And Flames Triumphant; A Crimson Wing Of Doom, O'er Shadowing And Searing Filleted Raw Flesh... It's BBQ And Grilling Season Here At The Homestead. Good Times Around Here. Not So Good Times At Times Square And On The Gulf Coast .... (3.16).
Gonna post midweek.... (3.14).
It's Tuesday after lunch sidereal time and I'm rubbin' my eyeball across some charts and tables when I had this thought..... (3.14).
Yee HAAAAA!!! (Famous Chinese Rodeo Cowboy. Son Of Waa Hoooo.) (3.12).
There Was A Time When 50% Of America Disapproved Of Rock 'n Roll And Only 5% Listened To It. Now It's Elevator Music. Fifty Percent Of Post WWII Industrial Production Was In America. Then It Was G-3, G5, G7, Now It's G20. Twenty Nations That We Coordinate Our Monetary Policy Wit'. And Australia Raises Rates 1/4% And The US Goes, "Uh-Oh..." Things Change Over Time.. But Now The Changes Are Really Gonna Pick Up Speed... (3.12).

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