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I didn't start out to get old, grey, and fat,  but I got there anyway.... My 55th birthday. I Was Younger Then, I'm Older Than That Now...


Ronald Reagan's autograph.  He was the first Republican actor to become governer of California.  He was less successful as an actor than as a politician, unlike the recent governor.  This piece of paper cost me four years and a lot of work...


Once you start to get credentials,  it takes on a life of its own.  I used this one to teach the first computer course in the Local.


This piece of paper cost me 5 years of classes and resulted in a 38 year and counting career. 


I gotta lot of paper.  Tons of certs...  Here's another piece.  I also completed the NRA Expert Pistol Instructor classwork with ex Olympic competitor and Pistolsmith To The Stars F. Bob Chow,  but I didn't pop for the certificate.  Sometimes the doing is more important than the paper.


I write about what I do.  I really hit my stride while I was roadracing motorcycles.  Everything I wrote over a ten year period was published;  there were well over a dozen articles on racing,  technology, racecraft and other subjects. One appeared in Sportrider,  a couple appeared in City Bike,  but most were published in Roadracing World and Motorcycle Technology,  the most respected publication in the industry. My favorite articles were in the long series reporting on and analyzing the AMA/Roger Edmondson lawsuit.  I collaborated with close friend who was a partner at one of the premier law firms in the Bay Area at the time and we provided AMA members an unprecedented look inside the legal process.


"Barrister" specialized in preparing briefs for court filings;  he wrote for a living.  I had to seriously get down in order to put my stuff on the same pages as his stuff.  I'm really proud of the last couple of articles that we did together.  The riff about "Senior White House Aides" was because this was written during the height of the Monica Lewinsky  affair.  Kinda makes you long for the Clinton era and want to short the Bush era....


This first appeared on the RACE List in response to a question about what was the most important first lesson about racing.  One of the list members responded,  "Damn Joe, this is almost poetry."  Even though I'm a pretty disagreeable person,  I can't bring myself to disagree with that...