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UA Local 342 Pension and 401a Defined Contribution Charts

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342 Pension and 401a Defined Contribution Charts
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Charts courtesy of STOCKCHARTS.COM

McMorgan Funds  ran our Defined Benefit and our Defined Contribution plans from the mid 90's until late in 2004.  The chart below represents the performance of the McMorgan Funds stock portfolio (MCMEX) and their mixed stock and bond portfolio (MCMBX).


It didn't have to be that way.  The McMorgan Funds equity portfolio tracked the S&P500 index.  We could have had a stock portfolio that tracked other indexes too.   In other words, we could have been "DIVERSIFIED".  The chart below shows what we could have had if we had also been invested in funds that tracked the S&P mid and small cap indices during that same period.


The chart below shows the performance of all the mutual funds now available to our 401a plan since they replaced the McMorgan Funds mutual funds in late 2004.


The chart below shows the performance of the Balanced Pooled Fund and my personal defined contribution plan account against all of the new replacement mutual funds from 9/04 to date.


The chart below shows the 1/1/12 to date performance of the mutual funds that are available to my 401a.