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Misc Important 401a Stuff, Important Links, E Mail To Me, Etc...
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     The quick and dirty read of this is that when a company such as United or GM declares bankruptcy and offloads their pension liabilities on the PBGC, the pensioner's income gets immediately dropped to a capped amount. For a fitter like me, figure a 50% reduction in the defined benefit is pretty close and 100% reduction in any non cash benefit .  If a pension fund were to fail under inadequate funding without a bankruptcy, the pension fund would have had to cut down future benefits to apply the cash flow to meet existing reduced benefits and then failed to meet them for the PBGC to step in. The PBGC would maintain that level,  less nonmonetary benefits such as health coverages, through loans to the pension plan... LOANS,  NOT GRANTS, MIND YOU!  Think of it as fire insurance with a 50% deductable, you put the fire out before anybody shows up, no coverage of contents, you have to pay the living expenses back once you've rebuilt, and you rebuild on your dime. And the insurance company watches over your family finances in the meantime.  Pretty cold comfort and piss poor just gotta make sure you never need to use it.  

"The market always comes back."  "Hold on for the long run."  "Just be patient, you'll do OK"  "Ya gotta be in the market at all times to do well ."  "You can't time the market."  "If you sell now, you'll be out when the market turns up." "Chasing performance is a sure way to underperform."  "If you sell now,  you'll lock in the losses."  "Let the professionals make the decisions, they're a lot smarter than you are."
Above are a lot of the slogans and homilys given to you to to justify sticking with an investment decision, regardless of how poorly it may do. The table below gives you a damn good set of reasons to sell out of a position that goes bad as quickly as you can determine that it isn't working for you. Think of the 2000 to 2002 losses to my pension plans shown on the CHARTS page.  A 40% loss over two years requires a 66% gain to get back to even. Assuming the fund resumes its prior rate of appreciation, that could require 4 to 6 years just to get back to where you were 6 to 8 years prior.  Don't fall in the hole in the first place and you won't spend the rest of your life climbing out....

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