Clean rooms start in the dirt, beer and cheese comes from stuff rotting, and you don't wanna hang around where cows become prime rib and steak. Likewise the otherside of 40% up can look NASTY....  

"Concern should drive us into action and not into a depression. No man is free who cannot control himself."
-- Pythagoras

Charts and tables up. For the past two years, I've been droning on endlessly about the need to get some exposure..ANY the stock market. That was then. This is now. There are BIG changes as of Thursday last week. So...

I thought I was going to write quite a lot about those changes this evening. But I'm not. Not that much has changed, really. What has changed is that what is going on matters now and it didn't used to. Check out "Ernest Goes High Finance" which I wrote on March 9th. It's as right now as it was too early then. But what was then, still is now. But it's different. Now it scares people. So they bailed out on stocks, driving prices down. So I bailed too and now I'm 60% in the GIC. I got out early enough to feel good about it and it didn't cost me much money. I'm still up 250% over the Balanced Pooled Fund. Enuf said. Still.... What next? Well, the economy is still good, so I've still got a job. So do a lot of other people. And we buy stuff so other people make money too. So there are reasons to still try to invest in the economy. But where? During the dotcom crash, 51% of the companies that make up today's S&P 500 went up. There's always a right place to be once you start to look at time periods longer than a few weeks. I just don't know if the 401 funds or just some of them are the right place to be. So for now I'm gonna watch. See what happens. And make up my mind about whether I'm gonna bail out of what's left or put my money down on what looks like a winner or three or five. I'll be posting about it here.


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