Trust Me. I Posted It On The Internet Myself"..... Abraham Lincoln 

Castles Made Of Sand Slips Into The Sea. Eventually.
-- Jimi Hendrix

Saw Tower Of Power This Weekend @ The Grenada in Santa Barbara. Great venue and the TOP smoked, as always. They had an alumi sit in on the last two numbers. GAWD! He hit the ground running. There has been so much talent that has been through the band. Leaves a very high water mark.
The wife CANNOT BELIEVE the current singer was singing at weddings when the band picked him up. Rates him best she has heard. I don't have a favorite.

"It's A Republican Administration".... Fred Bird {Odd Bodkins} ... -tap-water

I was with some buddies at the track... (Thunderhill) and Ricky Lynn sez,"So, the stock market is like a savings account..." It was a year and a half before the dotcom crash.... ... at-ensued/
If this stock thing seems easy, it ain't.


Yee Haa! ... ws-2014-12

Big Time!!!! ... good-thing ... aus-rally/ ... k-above-80


This pretty much sez how bad it is.... ... taxes.html

More on this week's 60 Minutes... ... ncer-care/

Yee Hah! That is to say, I'll keep an eye out.... ... redictions


Another view point. I don't agree, but it's a checks and balance thing. In 2008 the wife and I took a cruise and a nice lady from a recently shuttered mill town, finding out that I was working in High Tech, hoped that someone like me would create a high tech business in her town. Multiply that by 10,000. Not everyplace can be Emeryville or Santa Clara. But hopefully the Detroits of America are few and far between. ... death.html ... on-2014-12 ... -investors ... -forecasts


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