Jes' Yer Friendly Neighborhood Ol' Broked Down Retahr'd Union Pipefitter...... and his 401 Plan. Pre-Mid Post Labor Day Market Correction Version... 

The consensus can be very wrong; interest rates are going to have to go up in 2014 was a set-it-in-stone given that of course turned out to be wrong. This should teach us to always be skeptical of such one sided consensus calls.
--Roger Nusbaum


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Sittin'here squaring up the weeks accounts an' listening to Bonamassa @ the Opera Hall in Vienna just after I read this;

Brings into focus how an upstate NY guitarist who grew up playin' de bluze ends up hangin' out in Vienna at the opera house....

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This is the performance of the Fundz Inna 401 this year, including the Balanced Pooled Account and My Account...

This is where I have my allocations for the $10K I have in my 401...

This is Where the 401 Fundz have gone since I retired. This time I included a biotech fund that I've got in a small inherited IRA. I rolled the IRA from a 60/40 stock bondz allocation into two stock mutual fundz about the time I retired, American Growth Fund and the Franklin bio Fund... I'm up inna 401 a respectable amount even with the recent big drawdown and even though I'm down 30% in the IRA in a month and a half, I was up 75% over two years... The total performance of the pair is sterling with no trading costs to speak of.

I am NOT happy about not tracking the 401 money or the IRA more closely.
It is NOT my style to get clocked like this.
But the 401 is a small part of an overall plan, devised by me and some professionals... AND it is a part I expect to hate...

Cullen sez it well....

I look away from these accounts and ignore hiccups. It's easier with the IRA. The broker charges $100+ per trade. So i don't trade outa boredom. I expect to catch the next 2008 though and I expect to be a lot happier with these accounts then. This is just a dropped pot anna spilled drink inna kitchen. Take a little time to clean up and pour another drink. Dinner is still happening and in a week the mess and clean up will be forgotten...

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