Eighty percent of the gains are made in twenty percent of the time. You snooze; you looze. Sleepy is one thing I'm not..The market's smokin' an' I'm hangin' on with a grin so big it hurtz. Christmas looks good already...... 

Trends, like horses, are easier to ride in the direction they are going.
-- John Naisbitt

Chartz and table ZUP!! More words about what I'm thinkin' about prolly this weekend. Stay tooned......


You know what it is costing our brothers and sisters to be hangin' with the B/P Fund outa ignorance, fear, or inertia. Pretty much 'cuz you're readin' this here an' now. An' it's not like it couldn't be worse. Local 393's B/P fund has returned 2.5% to date vs Local 342's 8.15%. Pretty neat for 342 if that's how you want to benchmark it. But that's not the way it is done aroun' here.
It's a free country an' you can do what ya want with your earnings and savings. That is, provided you have the information needed to make an informed choice. If you don't know what you can do, or why you should or shouldn't do any or all of a number of choices, you aren't really free. Knowledge and the power to choose is freedom. Don't leave a brother or sister out in the dark. Spread the word.

More To Come, here and on my website in Reforming A Pension Plan From The Outside and COFGBLOG ESSAYS .... Did you expect anything less?

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