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"Most of the time I don't have much fun. The rest of the time I don't have any fun at all."

Woody Allen

Charts and Table Zup!!!!

Like the freaks and bros at Haight and Masonic used to say, "This is some good shit." Worked(s) for me... ... s-you.html ... 2008012909 ... secto.html

The Subprime Crisis
The latest bubble to pop, with potentially calamitous results, is the subprime mortgage market.

The U.S. mortgage crisis has been labeled a “subprime mortgage crisis,” but subprime mortgages were only a sideshow that appeared late, as the housing-bubble credit machine ran out of creditworthy borrowers. The main event was the hyperinflation of home prices. Risks are embedded in price and lurk as defaults. Even after the faith that supported a bubble recedes, false beliefs continue to obscure cause and effect as the crisis unfolds. . .

The housing bubble has left us in dire shape, worse than after the technology-stock bubble, when the Federal Reserve Funds Rate was 6 percent, the dollar was at a multi-decade peak, the federal government was running a surplus, and tax rates were relatively high, making reflation—interest-rate cuts, dollar depreciation, increased government spending, and tax cuts—relatively painless. Now the Funds Rate is only 4.5 percent, the dollar is at multi-decade lows, the federal budget is in deficit, and tax cuts are still in effect. The chronic trade deficit, the sudden depreciation of our currency, and the lack of foreign buyers willing to purchase its debt will require the United States government to print new money simply to fund its own operations and pay its 22 million employees. ... &lsn=9 ... 1545.html? ... YXs8I& ... 26743.html ... 26743.html ... tated.html ... e-day.html ... in_tff_top ... Ffq5EE1vAI

check out the bottom of the comments.... ... ht-ja.html

I 'll be writting what I'm doin' w/ my 401a all this week.... Stay tooned.

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