"Lower Than Whale Shit" "A Churnin' Urn Of Burnin' Funk" "Hammered Dawg Shit" "A Smoking Crater of Smashed Hopes and Ground up Dreams" "A Soon To Be Over, Slight But Not Totally Unexpected Temporary Pricing Correction"..... These are the entries for the best description of the current financial, credit and housing markets... 

There is nothing that will benefit your portfolio more than avoiding losses when the market is acting poorly. If you can keep from incurring losses in your portfolio as the market falls, you avoid the very unproductive task of recouping losses once the market is more favorable.

James “Reverend Shark” DePorre

Charts and Table Zup on my site.

Think about Fannie Mae, Bank of America, Lehman Bros, and Merrill Lynch. Good solid American companies you can trust to put in your retirement portfolio and look away from for a year or two at a time.



Fer Stuff Like This...Click onna charts....

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In case ya ain't sure, I'm still cash in the 401a and hedged and levered short in the IRAs and trading account. I trailed the B/P Fund pretty significantly when i tried to get a few last dollars outa a too late/too little attempt to ride the post March bounce. Being all in in the GIC for the lsst month has healed some o' that hurt.

Fanny and Freddie and Indy Mac bank.

Let's look at a banking index. CLICKIT!!

It's prolly gonnna get worse. How much and for how long?

There's the issue...


Everyday, In Every Way, A Little More Worser....CLICKIT!!!!

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