"Sometimes I lie awake at night, and I ask, 'Where have I gone wrong?' Then a voice says to me, 'This is going to take more than one night.'"
-- Charles M. Schulz



Learning to sell is a great exercise. It sets you up with the mindset that investing has two polarities in a number of parameters. Prices go up and down, Investing time is made up of today and all the tomorrows. You can buy and sell to increase or decrease your investment in any position. Time and price happen happen pretty much on their own. Buying and selling are up to you. Pretty kool..... Especially since I sold long ago and the chart below, while ugly beyond belief, will only be relevant when I buy back in. JEEZUS!!! THE CHART BELOW COVERS 35 DAYS!!!! OUCH!!!!!


JEEZUS!!! THE CHART BELOW COVERS 36 DAYS!!!! OUCH!!!!! ... stone.aspx

Further, most investors rely on research that always touts winners. Where stock researchers might say there is nothing worth buying or holding during a terrible market, the most popular and relied-upon fund research doesn't work that way, because it's more a description than a recommendation. Thus, 10 percent of all funds in an asset class will get Morningstar's top five-star rating, regardless of market conditions. Another 22.5 percent get a four-star rating. And 20 percent of every peer group earns Lipper's top marks for total return, consistent return and preservation of capital.
Chuck Jaffe

The whole article is here.... Yup, You want 5 star funds that're down 10% YTD? Got a handfull available @ Morningstar......goin' DOWN!!! ... mp;sc=1000 ... refer=home ... amp;sc=254


Mark Manning at points out that the S&P 500 closed below it's 2002 lows Monday. If you bought the low point after the dotcom crash, you're just went down on that investment. Which, by the way was the high in late '96/early '97. If you bought between early '97 and a week ago, with the exception of the 2002 low, and held "For the long run..."you're REALLY hurting. You took a lot of risk, made a lot of money, and lost it. Ya got zero, nada, bupkis. Smooth move; all pain, no gain. But then if you've been reading the COFGBLOG for any length of time and you've been pickin' up what I been layin' down, you know better than to believe in "Buy And Hold For The long Run...One decision stocks and funds, Look at your 401a once a year at the most. That shit's dumber than a box of rocks. Homie does not care to indulge in that recreational pastime.

Pre and Post Bernanke an' Obama speachifying
Bear market bounce and a coupla nice speaches. Do I wanna try and pick up a dollar or two Wed? Will the bounce last long enough to do so? PROLLY NAH. PRETTY WORDS, NO CHANGE IN WHAT'S IMPORTANT.


Ya know, ya can talk grumpy all ya want to about Wall Street and the lying cheats and souless monsters of capitalism and the unbridled greed and stupidity and on and on about all that for as long as you want. But it's American business that is going to put people back to work once this crisis is over and the government is able to stop taxing us and cutting us checks right back. We're gonna have to come to terms with that. Let's have the fit and sturm and drang as necessary and then let's stop the theater. We need some new checks and balances installed and then we need to start the next cycle.... ... semantics/ ... l-roubini/

Stay tooned.

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