Ye Auld Regal Extraordinaree Especkial Thursday Night Post 

Lookie Here Boys and Girls..


We've come a long way in 7 months. We've had our dips and fits and starts, but from way too low, we've steadily gone way too high. Every time the market should have paused and corrected or churned sideways to correct in price or time, it resumed the climb.

Yesterday something changed. See....
Check out this week, especially at 2:15 P.M. Wed Afternoon


The Fed has been the market's friend. Yesterday it gave a good message to the market and the good news spiked the market up hard...and then the market sold off. And Wednesday was an Outside Down Day. (Ask me when you see me). Over the past 7 months, news, all news, good or bad, pretty much sent the market up. Yesterday's good news sent the market down. Today's bad housing news and good job news sent the market down. Ya gotta watch what the market does with the news it gets. Ya gotta especially watch for a change of character.

I'm now down to about 20% stocks/80% money from 60%/40% and 60% of the 20% is in offshore stocks.

I'm not confident and I'm major getting outa company and economy risk and getting into bonds and the GIC's security. I may go farther that direction Friday.

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