It's Not A SinTo Be Wrong. It Is A Sin To Stay Wrong. 

Surprise, surprise, surprise!
-- Gomer Pyle

Chartz And Table Zup @

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Hell! Gotta Have Some Fun.... ... lout-math/ ... /index.htm ... man-sachs/

Interesting and interestinger.....

So I gotta deal with reality. Three banks failed in 2007, twenty five failed in 2008, and 140 failed in 2009. Fifty have gone down this year to date. Employment sucks, the European Union may fold and that may drive the dollar up and drive the global economy down. How can the United States become a manufacturer again and export our way to prosperity with a high dollar and massive unemployment and higher interest rates? Good question.

Regardless,the long term market trend is up and overextended or not, anticipating a top has left way too much money on the table...

Goldman Sachs has reintroduced volatility into the market. Time to hold my nose and cautiously buy back in on a drop. It'd a been better if I'd been 100% long and held it since a year ago, but Oh Well! We got problems to work through and I expect the markets to reflect the uncertainty. The markets will go up and down. I gotta match exposure to risk. Starting with a cautious buy This week. Or not. Stay tooned....

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Tuesday ... practices/

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