Merry Christmas... Please Remember Those With Less Reason to be Merry.....  

(I was) At a Wall Street bar yesterday listening to a trader make an impassioned defense of Mr. Potter in "It's a Wonderful Life" and blaming the Bailey Building & Loan for the subprime crisis.
-- Kamal Khan

I was at a party last weekend and one of the guests, a 0.05 percenter (aka extremely wealthy), made an impassioned speech against food stamps. And I quote him directly: "I'm against food stamps." When pressed on his logic, he simply stated "I don't believe in them."
-- Mark Casa

Billham Cobley. No strong hand and an independence between keeping time and left right strokes.
Tony Williams. Ex Miles Davis and a demon to keep up with when he was hot... ... F84A70E0F9 ... B5RVPF-RBn ... re=related ... playnext=2

Tables And Chart Zup @ ... -new-light

VERY Tough Year To Make Some Money. Don't Take Much To Lead The Pack.... But Who Starts The Year Saying,"I Sure Hope I Break Even, That'd Be Really Nice..."

Ohh Yeah......
At this time of year, the 401 mutual funds pay a capital gains and dividend for the year for tax purposes. This looks like a big drop in the NAV for the funds on the order of five or ten percent. The loss is regained in a day or two when the share count goes up. I usually call this out but I forgot. Merry Christmas All!!!! ... ue-marble/

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What Happened To My Country? ... y-country/ ... chernobyl/

Stay Tooned....

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