Ya get to my age, you get used to losing the old timers. You become an old timer and you get used to losing your contemporaries; I went to my first High School reunion this year and I was surrounded by geezers, and not as many as there shoulda been. But when you lose one of the younger guys, it ain't expected and it stings. RIP Redbone.  

Our activity as investors is not to try to identify tops and bottoms - it is to constantly align our exposure to risk in proportion to the return that we can expect from that risk, given prevailing evidence.
-- John Hussman

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So I'm boppin' home Thursday Afternoon and I blow by a semi flatbed w/ handful of stationary generators on it and the tractor is a plain white wit the FEMA emblem onnit. Four miles down the road in the same direction is the ex Moffet Naval Air Station, now NASA/quasi government/Airforce One, Orion P3, etc base.

Betcha the next day there were a bunch more generators on the East Coast and fewer on the West Coast. Whadda YOU think about throwing natural disaster responsibilities on to each individual state?

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