Post No Bills ...... If You Know What That Means, Yer Old. Really Old... 

Speaking Of The Bills That Used To Be Posted On Walls And Telephone Poles....

Kick Ass Concerts. They handed out free posters for the next week's show. I saw these shows, among others. Didn't get the posters for these. Got them for the upcoming show and gave them away. Oh Well....

The story goes that Albert King said he was playing in bowling alleys when Graham called him up on the basis of his "Born Under A Bad Sign" LP being played onna local radio. He showed up by himself and opened with Steve Miller's rhythm session IIRC, for Hendrix and Mayall. Next time we touch bases, buy the round and I'll tell you a story about that night. ... omebuyers/ ... 53020.html ... ave-2014-1
Money Games ... r-edition/

Yet AGAIN!!!! Do They Stick Laura And Leslie With These Deliberately? ... ead-2014-1

Smokin' ... 2D11912418

As A Side Note, My Generations Influence Is And has Been Beyond Wide Spread And Pernicious. Years Ago I was Watching a Cable Financial Show And One Of The Guest Economists/Analysts On The Show Spoke Of The Economy "Being Down To Seeds And Stems". No One Blinked.....

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Here We Go Again!!!! ... war-2014-1 ... pan-2014-1 ... they-lose/


HUGE ... low_today/

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