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A bubble is a bull market in which you don't have a position.
-- Eddy Elfenbein

More 'Fats. Hollywood Fats W/ Canned Heat '79, The First Woodstock Ten Year Reunion. Not The New Improved Marketing Event Version. Blues An' Boogie Like An Old Favorite Shirt. Tattered and Oh So Comfortable.

I retired in September of 2013. I had started managing my 401 in 2004, after leaving it untended since its inception in 1993. I had contributed the minimum amount and left in the default Balanced Pooled Fund. But in 200 to 2003 I had straightened out a coupla IRA's after the dotcom-9/11 financial crash and as an afterthought, applied the same kind of evaluation to my 401 and my defined benefit pension fund. I found both to be in desperate straights. I was able to help turn both around. That story is on my website. Since retirement, I've given almost all of my 401/IRA balance over to professionals. But not all. I've kept and $10K in my Union 401 account to provide a benchmark for the professionals and to keep the 401 account open should I decide to take management of the funds back. Here's where I have the money allocated, how I've done this year, and how Ive done since I started managing my 401 in 2003.

I've made a copy of the Excel spreadsheet I use to track my 401 available to download on my website. If you are not in my Local, the spreadsheet can be adapted to other 401s and other mutual funds by someone with a modicum of Excel experience. I post here what I read that I find of significance or interest. I allocate funds within the 401 between aggressive and conservative allocations as circumstance and inclination compel based on what I read and some professional level subscription data.

I come from an era of a morning and evening paper and three and a half TV channels.There is so much more available now.... Some ludicrious, some of dubious value, some real actual news, some insightful, some more history than news, Some recycled so much that it is beyond homogenized; Take yer pick. ... t-attack-. ... sia-2014-3

Look At This And See That Not Much Has Changed Since Last Week....

I don't think that the Ukraine situation will effect the economy that much, but it will affect peoples' mindset. I may lighten up a little more come Monday afternoon. I'm up 11% since 9/1/13 and taking money of the table and getting some fresh air and a walk don't seem like such a bad thing... especially when there is uncertainty inn air.

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Off To De Record Cabinet For Sum R.L. Burnside. I Believe That Is His Grandkids On Drums And Bass...
From The Same Movie... ... ssia-bond/

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