Blues An' New Orleans Piano Onna Turntable..... 

If you can't be a good example, then you'll just have to serve as a horrible warning.
-- Catherine Aird

Chartz And Table Zup @

I got this last week from Louisiana Music Factory. SMOKIN'!!!! ... amp;sr=1-2

Something With 'fess's music... ... -thin-ice/ ... ies-ipods/ ... n-anymore/

Care to juggle nitro glycerine? ... ideo%29%29 ... idiot.html ... e-fed.html

Last week's strength had far more to do with market dynamics than it did with the news flow.
-- Rev Shark ... efinition/ ... -home.html ... frank.html

Monday Eve...

I don't like the news flow, I don't like the breadth, I don't like the macro, I don't like the unfinished business, I don't like the disconnect between Main St and Wall St. I like that bailing out in may was right, if a little early...

But if we get to 1230 and confirm a breakout, I'll have to figure what I don't like don't matter.....

But regardless of whether or not I end up liking it if and when it happens, I don't like it today. ... -can-do-2/ ... not-to-do/ ... .html?_r=1 ... wanted=all


IN YO FACE, GOP!!! ... onomy-fail ... -bernanke/ ... 090711.pdf


Rev Shark and a lotta other guys are of the opinion that if we hit the 1120 to 1105 level hard, it won't hold. The next level of support is a long way down and the drop could be breathtaking... Lotta risk right here... And I don't see the reward.

When I look at returns YTD

I feel better and better to be outa stocks. I will buy some hand over fist at some point... prolly from sellers who wished they had sold them earlier and for more money.... At the right price, almost everything makes sense for a trade. But for a 401, I wanna buy stuff when the charts go from lower left to upper right. ... ction.html ... t-dummies/


Yup, bear flag in a bear market. Same old nasty downdraft in once again in progress. There is a bottom and the bottom somewhere below.

Hang on.

Closer to buying back in than I was... startin' to begin to think about it....

Rough day. prolly not the last....

I'll be back....


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