Jes' Annuder Ol' Broked Down Retahrd Union Pipefitter And His 401 Defined Contribution Plan....  

Everyone–EVERY LAST ONE OF US–says they love, admire and respect deep-dive accountability reporting on complex capital markets issuers. When it comes time to contribute to it, however, you will rarely see rich white people do a better imitation of Deion Sanders (circa 1989) with respect to the speed in which they haul ass away from you.
-- Roddy Boyd


Candlestick Park and Vacaville Sports car races....

1950's redux..... ... rat-2015-1
As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls.... ... indicators

Workin' Man's Burden....

I've spent 40 years inna pipe trades, 20 years in heavy industrial and 20 years in high purity/high tech. I was a 100 MPH WFO Kinda guy for mos of my life. I used myself up. Now I'm retired. Just in time. Nowadays I'm a 25 MPH WFO kinda guy. On a good day. Pundits who celebrate working into their 70's and 80's drive me up a wall. Doing desk work, consulting and conferences for good money is great work if you can get it, but I think of it as a rich man's conceit, not a real job. Would you celebrate being shoveler at the shit works in your 70's? In an increasingly globalized, productive world, you have to figure out what you are going to do about this type of situation... ... ca/384718/ ... alk-about/

Jeff: Laying it down so it stays there... ... -weakness/ ... 1&_r=2

Monday... ... z3QcLjdXM8

Tuesday ... -nightmare ... ing-2015-2

Thursday... ... -a-big-lie

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