Anyone else get a sense that all of a sudden the next two elections are the Democrat's to lose? And that they are really good at it lately? 

Watch this space. I've been busier than a one legged man at an ass kicking contest this weekend and it's Sunday evening and I'm half way through Saturday morning. I'll post this week's entry as soon as I hit the ground again.
Monday evening addenda; Charts and tables for last week posted last weekend. Not doing nothin' allocationwise right now, too busy, go figure. Anyway, it's all about stayin' in touch with medium term trends .... this ain't day trading. It's about being heavy in the best funds and not losing too money in the wrong ones. I can do that by standing pat this week. And standing pat most weeks, actually. I allocate funds 12 times year when new money comes in on the monthly contributions and I rebalance funds maybe one or two additional times a month or not at all. Don't confuse this with active portfolio management, much less daytrading. The funds do that part for us. This is about keeping the best 5 outa twelve players on the floor and letting them play and making sure to watch the clock and the officials.
I attended Karl Janosch's memorial last week and talked some with guys I used to work with in the 90's. From that event and some other info I've been developing, I've got some information that I think must be carefully considered by the local members. See ya at the hall.
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