The past is easy, the future is different matter. 

The trouble with opportunity is that it's always more recognizable going than coming.
Jerry Byrne

Charts and tables up, They tell the story. Party on. It's getting ugly here and there; somedays are as tough and ugly as other days are easy and mellow. But I subscribe to the philosophy that as much money is missed on the way up by excess fear about buying in as is lost on the way down by freezing in the headlights about bailing out. Avoiding extremes of fear is the way to profit. Steady as she goes. Big in the well performing funds, little or out of the non-performers, always an eye on the door.
Somedays it's really hard. There is so much fear out there and so much faith that things'll be alright if you just don't do anything. There is also much ignorance out there about people's own hard earned money, who holds it and how long and what happens to it. Two weeks ago, a union member was blown away when I and another member were talking about last month's money showing up in our accounts this month, He had no clue who held his money and for how long. He also thought that self managing your money meant that we all went home everyday and moved our money around for a coupla hours. It'd be really tough if there weren't offsetting moments like being told last week by someone who attended one of my presentations that he's up $40K since 1/05 when he hosted a presentation on the Defined Contribution plan, despite being out of work for over 6 months. Pretty cool.

Oh yeah. I added some more links to the site. Check out the Apprentice Investor series @ It's in the LINKS. See ya at the hall.
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