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"It is not how right or how wrong you are that matters, but how much money you make when right and how much you do not lose when wrong."
-- George Soros


Charteses and Table Zup!

AGAIN!! Clickit...

The trend is down. Trends tend to persist. That's why they are called trends. The DOW 30 and S&P 500 are down aroun' 14%+ or - for the year. The 401a stock funds are down from 5% to 18%. What do YOU see in the near future that will change the trend and turn things up? In the meantime, we all gotta contemplate how bad and how long it'll hurt to buy food and gas. Explain again why you would want to retire now and lock in your pension for life at the current level if you didn't have to? Me too.

In my 401a, the name of the game is keep it safe. I don't have the ability to play the finer points, I'm stuck in huge funds that change directions like continents, and the money within each fund is NOT nimble due to trading restrictions. That means the GIC for me. A sure small gain is better than maybe some gain sometimes but for sure big losses for the foreseeable future. I'll put what money I choose to put to work where it can work the most safely; my trading account and IRA's. Leveraged short side and cash has been a great place to be recently and I've been one or the other or both.




this CRAP about "in it for the long run". The long run is made up of short runs and this short run is DOWN!!!!

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