Life Is About Cycles, Dialectical Materialism And Spiritual Concatenation, Yin And Yang, Secular And Cyclical, Two Stroke And Four Stroke.... 

"When the Fed is the bartender everybody drinks until they fall down."
Paul McCulley

Chartz And Table Zup @

Young And Old Is Another Cycle... ... re=related ... re=related ... re=related

Speakin' of young, I saw Cotton a coupla times at the 'mo a coupla years after the Howlin' Wolf video. He showed up with a little club set up and mowed the house down. His version of Bobby "Blue" Bland's "Turn On Your Love Light" was a stand out...

Then there some boomin' Harley 4stroke twins and KR's TZ 700 and a Kawi 2 stroke @ Laguna... Cycles...... ... re=related

I used to watch the Warriors until they turned into the Clippers. But now even the Clippers aren't the Clippers anymore... ... -for-2010/

Smokin' Seven Weeks

I Can Bank Half Of A Good Year's Return Monday Or Shortly There After. Or Give It All Back. Or Ride It Farther Downa Road. Thinking......
And Watching With My Finger Onna Eject Button. ... events-19/ ... k_bachmann ... n_the.html ... -recovery/ ... -is-split/ ... more-63330 ... k-for-now/ ... _for_apple ... nflations/ ... more-63361 ... s-in-2006/ ... more-63330 ... ddle-east/

This Is EXTREME And Now I'm REALLY squirrelly about staying long. I've got a lot of gains to keep, and the potential for substantial losses in a short time.

Close Your Eyes Wisconsin, This Is Gonna HURT!!! ... ids-36483/

Today was UGLY!!!

Discretion Is The Better Part Of Valor

During lunch I went from 95% Stocks to 99% Cash (Stable Value Fund) with minimal effect from the rapid trading rules. Let's let things settle down. I can get back in in one day, but as the old song goes, "Don't Make Your Move Too soon..."

Stay Tooned....

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