Blogs; A Total Waste of Time? A Source Of Dangerous Mis Information?, Self Centered Self Gratification? A Dangerous Crowding Out Of Real Content? The Descent Of Erudite Intellectual Activity Into the Cacophony Of The Uneducated Masses? The Dilution Of Expertise And Knowledge?..... Pretty Much. 

Page after page of professional economic journals are filled with mathematical formulas leading the reader from sets of more or less plausible but entirely arbitrary assumptions to precisely stated but irrelevant theoretical conclusions.
—Wassily Leontief

Chartz And Table Zup @

Comin' Up On SummerTime; Makes Me Wanna Toss The 'board Inna '40 Ford Woodie, Pick Up My Beach Bunny, An' Boogie On Down To Ocean Beach Anna Cliff House. To Watch The Cold Grey Ocean Wash In Under The Cold Grey Fog While I Nurse An Irish Coffee. ... iCXb1Nhd1o ... s-5-27-11/ ... abandoned/ ... s-reprise/ ... -now-short ... 0-01-.html ... dia_b36618 ... 21352.html ... 58677.html ... video.html

Friday was last day of the month and window dressing on light pre-holiday volume. Tuesday will be 401/IRA inflows and is usually up. It'll be a tell. I do some individual stock trading in a coupla IRA's and I look behind the curtain of the major indexes. I'm Ivory Soap (99-44/100's ) pure Stable Value Fund inna 401a. I figure to spend the weekend re-fettlin' the scooters for commute and Sunday Ride and prolly the track use this Summer/Fall. Less risk there than buy and hold inna 401a through the Summer. ... -defaults/ ... minefield/


MEMORIAL DAY ... -soldiers/

Wed 6/1...

I feel strongly about it both ways... Stable Value Fund is a great place to be when the market craters. But I'd much rather everyone had a job and a house and I could just go 100% in the most aggressive fundz. But ya play the cards yer dealt.....

99 and 44/100s pure stable value....

Stay Tooned.....

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