Superbowl Sunday; Prolly Get To Doin' A Little Work On My Superbike... 

"There are some things which cannot be learned quickly, and time, which is all we have, must be paid heavily for their acquiring."
Ernest Hemingway

Chartz And Table Zup @

To Choogle, Or Not To Choogle....That Is The Question...
They stopped by the radio station with the acetate off the metal master only hours old and the DJ spun the first two tracks, which were pretty good. Then he looked at the band and said, "The next one is pretty long... The band said,"Play it! It's a GOOD one." He dropped the needle on "Suzie Q". In those days I always had the reel to reel lit and ready to go whenever the radio was on because shit like this happened all the time. I had half of the first Creedence LP months before anyone else.

Smoking Year So Far...Made The Most Of It Too.

This is the way I see the world. It saved me money and made me money. Bonds last summer and stocks this winter. ... ical-rant/ ... both-ways/

Something is goin' on. The chartz been sayin' so since October. The market has had every opportunity to go south since New Year, and it hasn't. It may be that US structural employment issues to the side, Europe has been in the news long enough for the long and painful and grudging solution to it has been discounted. And that the threatening flameout of China, inevitable or not, is still out on the horizon and still out there somewhere in the future. And that US corporations are as lean as they can get and will have to hire to keep the stellar profits that they have been making, or lose out to someone who will.

If the above is all true, as of the end of Monday, I'll be at 85% stocks and 15% bonds in the 401 and lookin' good. But, if I'm badly mistaken and Greece goes down in flames with Portugal, Ireland, Spain, and plunges all of Europe into depression, taking down a huge chunk of China's export business with it, and US corporations start firing instead of hiring,well, I will be way too long stocks at the end of Monday.

Nothing that wholesale selling won't fix. I've had a good run since October and I'll move quickly to protect it. ... -1.1015716

 ... ather.html ... -nfp-data/

Post October, What's Not To Like? Aside from the 50% correction of the October move in November.... Kinda expect to see another pullback soon. Maybe a big one. If so, I hafta think about getting flat. 1080 to 1350 is a 'ways. Bulls make money, bears make money, pigs get slaughtered. But I'll react to what the market tells me. If the market consolidates on rotation or sideways action, I'll stay put. ... -together/

Monday Eve... ... print.html ... icle=47190

Lemme Go See If It's Where I Parked It....And, Second Place Is First Loser.

Tues Eve

Stocks Holding...Bonds Rolling Over...Stayin' Put.

You Ahl Stay Tooned...Ya Here?

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