Somethi' Inna News 'bout Interest Rates Goin' Up... Maybe The 401 Was Payin' Attention.... Check It Out. Ya Think?  

The purpose of fixed income in a portfolio is for ballast. It is not there to increase returns, it is there to reduce risk, hence you should keep the fixed income portion of a portfolio relatively short term, high quality, and currency hedged (if using international fixed income).
-- David E. Hultstrom

Chartz And Table Zup @

It wasn't a typical week. Kinda exceptional. Like da music...

He-man adventure with the flavor of white hot steel.... ... ple-2013-6 ... ver-2013-6 ... ver-2013-6 ... -stimulus/ ... e-factory/

Not A Good Week...Looks Worse If Ya Go Back To Da Start O Da Month...

Lightening Up On Stocks Worked Out OK. Didn't Lose Much. Now I Gotta See Which Way Monday Goes.... Don't Let This Week's Heading Fool Ya. I Paid My Attention During The Last Two Weeks Ratcheting Down Risk... The Balanced Pooled Fund Is My Benchmark. The Work I've Done At Getting A Few Percent Here And There, And Big Numbers Like This Week, Becomes A Serious Advantage The Closer I Get To Pulling The Pin...Especially When It Gets So Crazy That Bonds Act Like Stocks. A Brand New Journeyman W/ $15K Inna 401 Sees 5% As Chump Change. A 40 Year Guys Sees It As A Year's Contribution... I'm Big Time Inna Stable Value. Outta Bonds. Return Free Risk? Thank You, But No Thanks....

This might be right... or it might be wrong... Stay Tooned... If It's Right It's IMPORTANT... ... art-2013-6 ... ory-2013-6 ... gns-2013-6

Been der, lived troo dat inna 70's... ... ime-2013-6 ... -?gcheck=1
Kinda Nixonian... And I Don't Mean Gary....

Look At Treasuries; Think Gov Bond Fund Inna 401.
Look At Corp Bonds; Think American/Vanguard Bond Funds Inna 401.
That's Why I'm Inna Stable Value. For Now Anyway...

WHOA!!!!!! ... note-ever/

FUBAR. This Will Take Some Some Serious Time And Work To Get Past... ... nfo-2013-6
Chapter Two ... ple-2013-6 ... arn-2013-6 ... cal-fable/

Stay Tooned...

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