Jes' Annuder Ol' Broked Down Retahrd Union Pipefitter And His 401 Defined Contribution Plan.... 

Day-to-day, anecdotal impressions can matter in investing, like seeing all the Prius and hybrid cabs in Chicago and the alternative-fuel trucks in and around Chicago, and wondering, “how can this not impact crude oil demand at some point ?” Hence, we had zero weighting in Energy the last two years for clients.
-- Brian Gilmartin


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And aren’t we all tired of those who claim to know the answer to life, death and the creation being so fucking sensitive about their knowledge? If I knew the answer to it all, if I thought I understood the wishes of the author of the universe and was privileged to understand what happens to us after death, the last thing I would be is all prickly and defensive. ‘Mock me all you like,’ I’d cry. ‘Go on, laugh your socks off, paint crude daubs, make mocking films. They pass me by as the idle wind which I respect not.’
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First Ya Gotta Get A Buncha People To Agree...

This is a chart of many of the funds available to my 401...

This is the same chart, but referenced against the Lord Abbett fund. I'm out the LA Fund until further notice. I still believe that Europe will have to and eventually will enact a QE program and stocks will launch upward. But looking at the last 5 months, I'm leaning toward getting outa the way and waiting to actually see something. I'll give away already being there when it happens to avoid standing there in the cold rain and snow. waiting for it to happen. Stay tooned.

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