Actually, this IS my first dance.. 

A coupla three weeks ago I decided to finally pull the trigger on my own website/blog. I ran my audio manufacturing business starting back in '83 with one of the earliest IBM PC"S, a PCII. It had an upgraded motherboard that would accept 256K memory rather than 64K like the old ones and came with two half height two sided double density 360K 5-1/4" floppy drives so I could ultimately go to four 5-1/4" floppy drives or maybe something else in the space, Lord knows what. I ended up using Lotus 123 to write my own business management software and automated my accounting/inventory control/invoice printing etc. But I closed the business in '89 and that was a lifetime ago. This new internet stuff was something I used as a participant in list serves and as a website surfer, so once again I'm entering new territory. I talked it over with my son and he told me,"Think of it this way. You're where every 12 year old kid was in 1998." I can accept that. Be patient, hang on, and let's see what comes down. To get back to where ya probably came from, click under "Links" to the right. See ya at the hall.
sheetmetal scott 

your site is cool man,Just wanted to let you know that all the work on wasn't going to waste.A sheetmetal worker who is not a pipe fitter,but actually fits pipes together [they are ducts].I will probally use some of your info to compare the different funds that we have,in case we have to go all GIC.Goog is up BIG right NOW ,I'm all smiles for a three share trade.


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