Jes' Yer Friendly Neighborhood Ol' Broked Down Retahr'd Union Pipefitter...... and his 401 Plan 

Big data and other wonders of the high tech world didnít make us any smarter ó at least when it comes to markets. The 50% drop in oil prices has humbled us all.
-- Nancy Miller


Kinda takes me back to the 60's. A buddy of mine was at SF State sitting on the lawn between classes while demonstrations were occurring on the other side of the area. The cops scattered the demonstrators and one cop chasing a handful of demonstrators, ran past my buddy, still sitting on the lawn, and at full speed, took a one handed swing at a short haired sitting spectator. Don slammed back against the ground and the baton whistled past his face. Coulda splattered his brains. I don't claim to be an oppressed minority, but I have at least some appreciation of the below... I do get a kick outta the other attendees at the financial conferences I attend talking about what the "old hippie" is doing there. There was a time (still is actually, I flew back to Chicago and bought a truck and drove it back. Got a lot of hard eye here and there onna way) that my appearance symbolized a threat to God and Country. ... re/391158/

It's a complicated world, and I'm no longer a pipefitter, I'm a retiree investor hell bent on making my life savings work for me and my family. But I've never figured that made me one of the guys who will get bailed out the next time Wall Street craters itself. Most of the time, I'm on Betty Dub's side... ... et-tremble

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