Stevie M Says, 'We got work. SaveYour Money'. Hell Yes!!! I've Done It Six Out Of The Last Seven Times.It Didn't Take Me Long To Figure Out How It Always Works...Revised 7/12 

Charts and Tables Up.

Not much to post tonight. My 401 is doin' just fine. The extra work is paying off in greater returns and that is gonna get better when it is compounded in future years. I'll move the FPRAX/IDETX Mutual Fund Lessons to the website along with some other stuff yet to come. Eventually I expect to have most of what I cover in my presentations up here.... I think about eight to ten years will be about right. Even so, if that was all there was to it, colleges would only consist of a book store and testing facilities. So talk to me at the Hall if you don't think you have what I'm doing in my account totally figured out yet.
I've loaded the move of the last of my cash from the GIC to RERFX into the clip. I'm eligible to do so as of the 9th. So the trigger will get pulled tomorrow at the end of the day. I think the FED's got one to go and maybe two. Either the market will celebrate the end of the interest rate increases or it will look ahead to the next recession. It'll celebrate/respond to what it sees by going up or down. I'm set for it to go up. If the market catches me leaning the wrong way, I'll have to figure out if it's just a hiccup or the bird flu and act accordingly. We'll see...

Feelin' Alright.... Put this months contribution into LRSCX. It's that or RGRFX. Why not?


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