Jes' Annuder Ol' Broked Down Retahrd Union Pipefitter And His 401 Defined Contribution Plan....  

Everyone–EVERY LAST ONE OF US–says they love, admire and respect deep-dive accountability reporting on complex capital markets issuers. When it comes time to contribute to it, however, you will rarely see rich white people do a better imitation of Deion Sanders (circa 1989) with respect to the speed in which they haul ass away from you.
-- Roddy Boyd


Candlestick Park and Vacaville Sports car races....

1950's redux..... ... rat-2015-1
As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls.... ... indicators

Workin' Man's Burden....

I've spent 40 years inna pipe trades, 20 years in heavy industrial and 20 years in high purity/high tech. I was a 100 MPH WFO Kinda guy for mos of my life. I used myself up. Now I'm retired. Just in time. Nowadays I'm a 25 MPH WFO kinda guy. On a good day. Pundits who celebrate working into their 70's and 80's drive me up a wall. Doing desk work, consulting and conferences for good money is great work if you can get it, but I think of it as a rich man's conceit, not a real job. Would you celebrate being shoveler at the shit works in your 70's? In an increasingly globalized, productive world, you have to figure out what you are going to do about this type of situation... ... ca/384718/ ... alk-about/

Jeff: Laying it down so it stays there... ... -weakness/ ... 1&_r=2

Monday... ... z3QcLjdXM8

Tuesday ... -nightmare ... ing-2015-2

Thursday... ... -a-big-lie

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Deflategate? Really? 

"If the world I leave behind is one of gated communities, growing inequality and misery among the have-nots, downward mobility for the middle class, a degraded environment and a rotting social and physical infrastructure, then (my children's) inheritance will be a shabby one — no matter how much money they get."
-- Richard Rockefeller



An Article About Republicans And Unions And Unionism Outa Left Field.... ... ns-really-
More Amazingness... ... l-not-hoax ... imate-vote

Food fer thought.... ... bia-2015-1 ... mist-group ... z3PlhRCkl3

Obama is the anti Bush/anti neocon. Still... Is he screwing it up because of what he was left to work with, or was he the wrong answer to a very difficult question?

From my main man,DownTown Josh Brown.... ... ts-that-d/ ... y-a-camera


Volatility inn 401 and prolly some movement.... ... est-rates/

Darkness, Death And Despair..... Pulled off of Josh Brown's website...
Imagine you're a young kid, you grow up, go to college, get a degree in journalism, and then your editor assigns you to cover one of Donald Trump's make-believe presidential campaigns? That's the kind of thing that would make me question my whole life, my very purpose here on earth.
(The Atlantic) ... mp/384817/

This is why you should never look away..... ... ney-again/ ... recession/ ... pectations

Tuesday... ... inequality


How did this happen? Music was everything. ... er/384790/
Listening harder ....

Interesting.... We saw what happened here... ... ble-2015-1

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Jes' Annuder Ol' Broked Down Retahrd Union Pipefitter And His 401 Defined Contribution Plan....  

"To anticipate the market is to gamble. To be patient and react only when the market gives the signal is to speculate."
~Jesse Livermore


Ran Across Linkin Park Onna Guitar Center Program The Other Night. It's been years, so I dug up the CD's. I grew up listenin' to Top 40 on a transistor radio and hung out at the 'mo, 'mo West, Winterland, Berkeley Community Theatre, etc. This whole music video stuff is really post Joe Facer. Hell, it might even be post now. But, What Eeevvveerr. (Like my daughter says)
And Some Motorcycle Video...

We're all walking out from under a cloud.... ... g-citizens
and Last Week Tonight...
Today... ... ice-2015-1

 ... tle-2015-1 ... al-capital ... ere-2015-1 ... -louis-xiv

The 2014-15 Performance Of Some Of The Funds Inna 401...

2015 Broken Out....

Democracy means equality. Which means know nothing, faith (fantasy) based delusions have just as much standing as the scientific communities accepted beliefs. Until the numbers favor one position or the other... So check out what I found on that hippie dippy pinko left wing publication, Bloomberg... ... on-record/
When I was at Berkeley, the religious scholars used to come out at lunch time and torment the holy roller saving souls at Sproul Plaza, pointing out mistranslations, errors, and misunderstandings in his version of the good book.
Reality always trumps faith. The time element can be frustrating, though.

MLK Monday...
Why I'm cautious... More about the financial environment than what I hold... ... end-2015-1 ... ted-2015-1

Gear Head Stuff...

Thursday... ... /21812457/ ... n-stimulus

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Jes' Annuder Ol' Broked Down Retahrd Union Pipefitter And His 401 Defined Contribution Plan.... 

Day-to-day, anecdotal impressions can matter in investing, like seeing all the Prius and hybrid cabs in Chicago and the alternative-fuel trucks in and around Chicago, and wondering, “how can this not impact crude oil demand at some point ?” Hence, we had zero weighting in Energy the last two years for clients.
-- Brian Gilmartin


Behind the curtain... ... sian-heart

And aren’t we all tired of those who claim to know the answer to life, death and the creation being so fucking sensitive about their knowledge? If I knew the answer to it all, if I thought I understood the wishes of the author of the universe and was privileged to understand what happens to us after death, the last thing I would be is all prickly and defensive. ‘Mock me all you like,’ I’d cry. ‘Go on, laugh your socks off, paint crude daubs, make mocking films. They pass me by as the idle wind which I respect not.’
Stephen Fry ... dle-class/ ... tz-2015-01 ... employment ... nd-market/

Monday... ... -price-war

Leaked From AlJazeera... ... bdo-2015-1 ... ots-92793/

Tuesday.... ... ris-2015-1

First Ya Gotta Get A Buncha People To Agree...

This is a chart of many of the funds available to my 401...

This is the same chart, but referenced against the Lord Abbett fund. I'm out the LA Fund until further notice. I still believe that Europe will have to and eventually will enact a QE program and stocks will launch upward. But looking at the last 5 months, I'm leaning toward getting outa the way and waiting to actually see something. I'll give away already being there when it happens to avoid standing there in the cold rain and snow. waiting for it to happen. Stay tooned.

Fuck Congress... ... r-economy/


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Jes' Annuder Ol' Broked Down Retahrd Union Pipefitter And His 401 Defined Contribution Plan.... 

“By far the biggest problem for professionals in investing is dealing with career and business risk: protecting your own job as an agent. The second curse of professional investing is over-management caused by the need to be seen to be busy, to be earning your keep. The individual is far better-positioned to wait patiently for the right pitch while paying no regard to what others are doing, which is almost impossible for professionals.”
- Jeremy Grantham


New Years morning and I'm about half way through my pitcher of Mimosas after breakfast. (Straight gin onna rocks last night, this is my way of getting vitamin C this morning. Being retired allows me to pursue my hobbies...) Reading about Walschaerts valve gear. I'm a gear head. Pretty much have been since 8 yrs old.
This is what put the "Choo" in "Choo Choo"....

Worth the time... If ya got the time.... ... ousy-list/

I got no use for the Dead and their nonprofessional antics.... but when they were on, they were awesome....

I may do some gear changing and re-arranging of the 401. Based in part on this. (The thesis and the individual{Grundlatch} are recognized by the guys whom I pay to run my retirement money...) ... ast-2015-1

As per above, this Sat, I'm outa the Lord Abbett Small Cap Fund and outa the Met Life Stable Value Fund Monday. The money will go into the American Bond Fund. The bond fund's return is well ahead of the Stable value fund and will continue to do better. The LRSYX fund will be under pressure from redemptions which will screw with investment strategy. Best to be clear while this works itself out. Staying put elsewhere. ... ack-2015-1

Sunday... ... t-strategy

Your politicians and mine at work.... ... om-reality

Pop the hood and see what underlies the paint and chrome...

Drive me UP THE FUCKIN" WALL!!!!! ... s_partner/

Ya don't get to choose the world you live in... I grew up when part of being a good citizen was being prepared for imminent thermonuclear war (food in the house, always keep the car at least half full of gas to evacuate to the mountains if necessary, CD {Civilian Defense} symbols on every AM radio in every car...) This is this era's version. ... ege-2015-1
Slow Motion Trainwreck.... Reagan is still dead and trickle down doesn't mean what they told you it did.... ... ts-failing

More Unner Da Hood....

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Jes' Annuder Ol' Broked Down Retahrd Union Pipefitter And His 401 Defined Contribution Plan.... 

“You can’t develop a portfolio strategy around endless possibilities. You wouldn’t even get out of bed if you considered everything that could possibly happen….. you can use history as one tool for shaping reasonable probabilities. Then, you look at the world of economic, sentiment and political drivers to determine what’s most likely to happen—while always knowing you can be and will be wrong a lot.”
- Ken Fisher


Friday... ... ed-in-2014


Coupla three four things here.... It's been a busy year for me for all the wrong reasons. There have been health issues in the family and this is in part why I've spun off the bulk of my retirement funds to some pro's; so I could look away if I had to or wanted to. I have mostly looked away from those accounts and that is all right... as long as I still keep an eye on them in some measure. I'm still an active trader and that account absorbs a fair amount of my time. The result has been less time spent on my 401 than usual since it is now a small portion of my retirement funds. But that has resulted in my being slow to move on two outstanding issues in the account; the American Funds EuroPac and Lord Abbot small cap funds.

Overseas has pretty much lagged domestic big time and the American Funds are huge funds that have a lot of money to place. It is hard for them to invest in small pockets of value in down markets. They have lagged the domestic funds and despite having lightened up there, I probably should have lighter there than I was. One of the three funds in the small/mid cap area has been awful. The other two have been fine. Again, I would have liked to have been lighter faster there than I was. It cost me some gains. I'd rather have been in the other stock funds, but even the bond mutual funds, which were supposed to be horrible this year but weren't, would have been a better place to be than the two poorly performing stock funds... The Stable Value fund has been a worse place to be than the bond funds. Not tracking reality vs expections cost me some performance here when I sought safety at various times this year. Lesson noted...

This is a new year and time to change some things. This year, I'm going to keep a closer watch on the 401 funds.

At some point, there will be a serious market correction. It'll sting. But you can ride out corrections. What you don't want to ride out are bear markets. I expect the first but not the second. For now, I'm staying heavy in stocks.
At some point in the future, Europe will have to do a QE like we did. It will get exceedingly ugly politically and that may make it ineffectual and delay the recovery and protract it way beyond the time it should have taken. But if it works like it did here, the stock market will lead big time whatever recovery they do have, so I'm staying equal weighted in the American EuroPac funds for now.

At some point the yelling that is undoubtedly taking place at Lord Abbett will have an effect and the fund will start to perform again. I can't hurt the fund's feelings by ignoring it, and they will not make up the losses out of their pocket, but performance is performance. So I got a small portion of my portfolio in a "tracking position". At some point I'll boost that up into a full position.
Or not. I will keep a closer eye on this portfolio and work it harder...

For now..... Stay Tooned....

Fewer things to feel comfortable about... ... z3MeJSHaqC ... it-2014-12

Think about the Olympics. There is no mystery in running, jumping, diving, gymnastics, etc. Everyone knows what perfection looks like. It's just basics. And the very best competitors in the world get the very best coaches in the world to work incessently with them on basics as long as they hope to excell..... ... investing/ ... one-loves/ ... te-bridge/

Sounds like a union to me..... ... .html?_r=1
World War Two brought my mom to San Francisco from Colorado because there were jobs here. Four brothers, including my dad, chose California as the final destination when they were discharged from the armed forces post WW II and gravitated to the Bay Area instead of going back to Utah... That's how I came to be a San Franciscan.
Long but worth the read.... If you've got 20 hours... ... ousy-list/ ... is-2014-12 ... es_28.html


Tuesday... ... bad-spain/

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Jes' Annuder Ol' Broked Down Retahrd Union Pipefitter And His 401 Defined Contribution Plan.... 

“The average long-term experience in investing is never surprising, but the short term experience is always surprising. We now know to focus not on rate of return, but on the informed management of risk”
- Charles Ellis

IF YOUR A FIRST TIMER TO THE BLOG, CLICK HERE... ... 729-141334 ... ss-2014-12 ... il-2014-12 ... -hack-sony ... 35-in.html

The S&P 500 are large caps. Solid large conservative co's. Somewhat unexciting... Stocks in the S&P 500 won't double in 2 years unless it's out of a crash like 2008.

The IWM is mid and small caps. Money goes to play there when things are good. And runs for the hills rather than get caught there if there is a rumor of the possibility of things going bad. But they can double every two years after a good year, or in a day on a buyout.

My 401 has mutual funds, which are diverified. It mutes the successes AND the failures. And mostly follows the big trends. EuroPacific and Small Cap fund is down this year. No surprize. But Midcaps is up... Why the different directions? Gotta think about this...

SunDay... ... p;hpid=z14 ... ng-2014-12

Monday... ... s-of-life/ ... nk-about-a ... -investing

Tuesday.... Been There, Grew Up During That.... ... 15-2014-12

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Jes' Annuder Ol' Broked Down Retahrd Union Pipefitter And His 401 Defined Contribution Plan.... 

“The market does reflect the available information, as the professors tell us. But just as the funhouse mirrors don’t always accurately reflect your weight, the markets don’t always accurately reflect that information. Usually they are too pessimistic when it’s bad, and too optimistic when it’s good.
- Bill Miller


Suave, Smooth, Sophisticated Music In The Classic Friday Night Genre;

It's important to read stuff like this. And to act on it. Or not. Because there is what may happen, what the reaction may be, what the right thing to do may be, whether or not the right thing to do is appropriate for me, and whether or not the opportunity arises to do the rightest thing or just a mostly right thing. Or not. Stay tooned. ... sh-2014-12 ... -of-growth
That said, here's where I am this week.... ... is-period/

UPDATED ... rices.html ... ashes.html
How much do you really know and what is it worth? ... ns-2014-12 ... s-is-lost/ ... ional-debt
Bummer... ... pe-2014-12
Another view... ... dp-2014-12
More crazynesses... ... ct-2014-12 ... cs-2014-12

The key to happiness... ... -fairness/
Chessnwine; I buy his caution call in that I'll not add outa cash into stock. But I'm not going outa stocks either. Caution is the word. Action to follow or not as calls are confirmed or undercut...
Jeff is Always must read... ... ds-course/

Monday... ... ed-2014-12 ... nt-in-2008

See UPDATED above... ... g-we-often

Wednesdday... ... tion-china ... opecs-neck

The funds available in my 401 and how they've done year to date (YTD). This chart looks worse than the one from the weekend above. Rough three days. How much I got and where are shown in the table above from the weekend... Coupla thoughts...
The S&P 500 looks better than our managed funds... It happens.
Small Caps and EuroPacific showed nothing. That happens too.
Bonds were amazing. I held none, wish I'd held more.
Holding stocks from 1st quarter of 2009 to September of this years was easy money. Sometimes it's not easy. Like this year.
I'm still long and strong. I've done well since 2004 and I think there's more to go here. There'll be volatility.... but in 2008, I ran for the hills because it made sense. Here, I think I'll hold on through the rough spots. I don't see a huge crash or bear market that'd make the timing easier.
So I'll stick with what's working for now.... the long term trend...

I think about as much of Josh as I do of anybody... ... ike-to-me/

That said, Ya gotchur Flash Crashes and Yer Bear Markets. The time scale is different. ... ar-market/
I stuck w/ Bill Sams (Mutual Fund Investing @
in Oct '87 and I bailed 3/2009 in my 401. Different animals/different reality. I'call '87, '98, Dec 2014 crashes and too hard/too late to time, I'm staying put. For now... 2009 was a bear market....


"Literally, we are in the realm of beyond stupid with this." ... -of-stupid ... -lose.html ... z3MDWegJch

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Trust Me. I Posted It On The Internet Myself"..... Abraham Lincoln 

Castles Made Of Sand Slips Into The Sea. Eventually.
-- Jimi Hendrix

Saw Tower Of Power This Weekend @ The Grenada in Santa Barbara. Great venue and the TOP smoked, as always. They had an alumi sit in on the last two numbers. GAWD! He hit the ground running. There has been so much talent that has been through the band. Leaves a very high water mark.
The wife CANNOT BELIEVE the current singer was singing at weddings when the band picked him up. Rates him best she has heard. I don't have a favorite.

"It's A Republican Administration".... Fred Bird {Odd Bodkins} ... -tap-water

I was with some buddies at the track... (Thunderhill) and Ricky Lynn sez,"So, the stock market is like a savings account..." It was a year and a half before the dotcom crash.... ... at-ensued/
If this stock thing seems easy, it ain't.


Yee Haa! ... ws-2014-12

Big Time!!!! ... good-thing ... aus-rally/ ... k-above-80


This pretty much sez how bad it is.... ... taxes.html

More on this week's 60 Minutes... ... ncer-care/

Yee Hah! That is to say, I'll keep an eye out.... ... redictions


Another view point. I don't agree, but it's a checks and balance thing. In 2008 the wife and I took a cruise and a nice lady from a recently shuttered mill town, finding out that I was working in High Tech, hoped that someone like me would create a high tech business in her town. Multiply that by 10,000. Not everyplace can be Emeryville or Santa Clara. But hopefully the Detroits of America are few and far between. ... death.html ... on-2014-12 ... -investors ... -forecasts

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Jes' Annuder Ol' Broked Down Retahrd Union Pipefitter And His 401 Defined Contribution Plan.... 

“In economics, crisis takes a much longer time coming than you think, and then it happens much faster than you would have thought.”
-- Rudiger Dornbusch
"Economics is a subject that does not greatly respect one's wishes."
-- Nikita Khrushchev


Not What You'd Expect...

BIG Changes Inna World... ... 28-2014-11 ... ty-2014-11 ... z3KOjkUsD6 ... il-2014-11 ... te-2014-11 ... ng-2014-11 ... my-2014-11
Not That I Haven't Seen Big Changes Before...
Thing is, Like it or not, ya gotta live in this world today. Kennedy to Nixon to Carter to Reagan to Clinton to Bush To Obama to whoever, Change is the order of the day. Hang on, it's always an interesting if not always comfortable ride...

Ana Hits Keep On Comin'.... ... 67-2014-11

Long And Strong In Stocks...
The collapse of oil will work wonders for the near term...

The market is definitely WAY over extended. Can it get even more over extended? That's how I'm thinkin'...

It ain't money or retirement (or maybe it is) but it is important... ... detection/
Yeah, Ferguson.... ... eason.html

Think about it... ... me-digest/ ... es-2014-12

Geopolitics ... s-a-defeat
Far Fuckin' Out... ... in-2014-12
Could is not will... ... weak-ruble ... 2014-12-02
Bloombergs is a capitilist oriented outlet. Doesn't mean that they're not right on... ... e-ferguson ... nfl-wanted
The Conundrum Of Information That Informs You Of How Little Use More Information Is. I Pay Money For This Information... i Find It Useful... ... z3KmbMvC00

I'm a long time union guy. Heaven help those who are not. Those who rely on an employer being forced to raise wages after he's exhausted all other options... ... onder.html

Wednesday. ... ebate.html
It Aint Like We Didn't see It coming.... AGAIN!!!!! ... economics/

There's an inevitabiliousness to the ineviability of it all...slippery slope an all that... ... ar-2014-12 ... ar-2014-12 ... -more-debt

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Jes' Anudder Ol' Broked Down Retahrd Pipefitter.... 

“No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river, and he’s not the same man.”
-- Heraclitus


Moby Grape did not survive survive the era.There were 100 chewed up and spit out for every success in the late 60's...
But ya can find remnants that will lift your soul when you least expect it...

I wuz drunk the day my Mom got outa prizen
I wuz lookin' out da winnow at da raaaiin....
But before ah could get to da station in mah pickup truck,
She got run over by a damned ol' traaaiinn.
Nah, I'm sober, but my Mom is dead and it IS raining outside da winnow as I write this....
It was on my 21st birthday that I bought my first bike. That happened to be the start of the rainy season and the start of a particularly bitter Winter. That year we had snow and four straight days in the low 30's and below freezing early evening until mid morning in SF. I thought bike wear was a leather jacket and will power. It was not until April that I discovered that riding longer than 15 minutes was not an extreme test of endurance. The rainy day and the polar vortex of this Winter makes me think about riding. And about my plan to buy the fastest street legal BMW, Kawi or Aprilia Superbike (200 Hp) money could buy to celebrate my retirement and my new knees. But the surgery didn't go like I hoped. So, instead of buying runnin' shoes, I'm buying an old man's walker... Arranged shipping today. Bummer.
I still want a well set up Aprilia....
The hair on my eyeballs stands on end when I hear a very serious bike give that bad girl howl... ... YHj3qP-DES
 ... r-clients/ ... -implement

The Kinda Things I Track For the 401... ... mment-7712

I Always Said,"It's Not Like Ya Can Go Broke Selling Alcohol Or Sex"...
This is scary.... ... er-2014-11
Holy Fuck!!!?!?!! ... asino.html ... tt-romney/

"But I'm too late to invest after the rise/What if right after I put my money in, it goes down?"
Here's a list of reasons; ... scared.pdf
Here's the solution; There's always reasons. Do what you think is right and if it turns out to have been wrong, stop doing it.
Protect your capital from both types of losses; Big All Of A Sudden Losses like being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and gradual persisent small losses like bing in cash or something that doesn't keep up with inflation. Both kinds of losses get you to the same place eventually.

Tuesday... ... tuesday-2/
Almost indescribably French... ... ks-2014-11

I've already had a month of

It started in the middle of October....

Happy Thanksgiving.... ... 614-video/

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Bloomfield/Butterfield... Didja hear about the time I saw the Butterfield show from about 10 feet eye to eye?  

Free Your Mind...Your Ass Will Follow.
-- George Clinton


Onna counta cuz....
and w/o
This week's Joe... ... 20magazine

Some of the Bay Area unions locals have recently had a close encounter of the IRS kind... The locals structured their 401 plans as per consultations w/ the IRS and it was good. Until it wasn't. Whether the IRS felt that they needed to be working on something big during the duration of the financial crash, or there was a regime change and a new outlook, or it just happened, we had an extended period where allocation adjustments were not allowed while the IRS reviewed, ruminated, and reflected... So this week we finally started to emerge from that. We reorganized our 401a to the IRS's approval (again) and set in place the new mandatory contribution plus the allowable levels of voluntary contribution. Functionally, there is little difference; the changes as viewed from the participants point of view are minor. I spoke on the floor much as I speak here in my blog, mostly this time about the mandatory level of contribution... But...
There's more to be said and I gotta think about what and how. You gotta click on "If yer a newcomer to the blog" to get started. But watch this space for what comes next...

It is work to do the blog, but I've been writing so long about High End Hi Fi and then Motorcycles and Money, that it is part of my nature. Then a friend and co-worker dropped by at the last union meeting and mentioned that because he was following me back in 2008 and because I'd gone to 95% cash in the 401, he wrestled with it a coupla weeks and then followed me into the GIC. And a month later, the bottom dropped out of the market and he saved himself big time. Made My Day.

Monday... ... 20-2014-11

Little by Little... ... ge-2014-11

Wecome To The World I Grew Up In... ... GuqkfnF-So

Good Luck W/ That... ... story.html ... 914-video/


It's A Middle Class Thing... ... G4RlIvF-So

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Jes' Anuder Old Broked Down Retahrd Union Pipefitter 

“We must free ourselves of the hope that the sea will ever rest.
We must learn to sail in high winds.”
-- Aristotle Onassis

Theme For The Election; Emotion As Expressed By Electric Guitar...
And Intellect As Expressed By Text... ... -the-ugly/ ... -american/ ... best-idea/

I've drunk the Kool Aid. You Might Wanna Take A Hit... ... followers/ ... -jobs.html

Take a breath. Path of history and all that... Glacial. But still.... ... ns-2014-11

It was Tuesday after lunnch, sidereal time.... (Odd Bodkins)
And I was reading this thing about Trolls...
So I called my kid. I go a ways back onna net, but my kid goes farther. (10 years ago I realized my kid was going bald faster than I was...) I asked when a troll went from being a post meant to engage someone in an innocent interchange all for the purpose of leading to a flame war, to an exceedingly unpleasant lurker under a bridge onna web ala Billy Goat Gruff. We kicked it around. (17 Year Old Blonde Surf Gurl wants help photographing a cat. [She doesn't want to take pictures of a cat she doesn't have, isn't 17 or blonde, doesn't surf, and isn't a girl. Or gurl.]) That's a troll. Like behind a boat. Just another case of click and paste use of a term that you think you know what it means. Stand pipe, engineers boots, rear sets, infer/imply, and all that... Just trying to set the record straight.

And if that sends you into a frenzy, flaming me with post after post about how I'm six different kinds of MF, well I can't help it if you jump in the boat while the tackle box is still closed. ... al-history

Cruz in'... Not what it sounds like...
Appearances are everything..... until they are not. ... etraction/

A country that avoids debt for infrastrucure is like a family that never buys a home or a new car or a college education. Or borrows @ 1% to maintain its savings... ... of-europe/

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I Got A REAL Good Remembry. I Even Remember Shit That Never Even Happened. Like This....
In Memory Of The Late Great Jack Bruce... saw them at the old 'mo. First US tour. They were 2nd act for the first day of the two week run. Not after... Wall Of SOUND!!!

Amazing that a UC Berkeleyite long haired hippie finds himself on this side... ... on-2014-10

A Varient View.... ... 1414863296

Here's where the EuroPacific thesis changes... ... or-closes/

And here's some help w/ reading chartz... ... age-means/

Defer to an expert... ... FVECvnF-Sp ... stituency/

"I support the left, but I'm leanin' to the right."
Jack Bruce "Politician"
I was there and wasn't affected. But it PISSES ME OFF!!! ... arfare-on/
Consider This To Part Of That "Let This Not Be Forgotten."

Monday... ... cans-2016/
Like my childhood... ... ns-2014-11
Socio economics; Halloween version.... giving reactionaries heart attacks.

Mind Blowing... ... ed-2014-11

Fuckin' Crazy Crazy Fuckin' Shit.. ... lack-hole/

The Long Game... No Satifaction Today... Onna Right Side Inna Rear View Mirror ... erp/nhxPy/

The election was piss poor by my lights, but I've lived through an LBJ to Nixon transition, a Carter to Reagan transition, and a Clinton to Bush riff. This too shall pass. I made a dollar and enjoyed life during those periods and I'll do so through this one. Being on the right side of history and a little out front of where it'll be in a few years is not toally comfortable all the time, but it has its benefits. ... tter-place

Read It And Weep... ... story.html

Can The Republicans Fix 1980 Next Year? ... story.html

Huge 401 Stuff... ... ee-edition

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Just Another Old Broked Down Retahrd Union Pipefitter.... 

"Some men worship rank, some worship heroes, some worship power, some worship God and over these ideals they dispute, but they all worship money."
--Mark Twain


Something to think about.... ... ?hpt=hp_c2
I do miss KSAN back inna day....

It Ain't Paranoia When It's Much Worse Than You Imagined... ... -vs-global
Takin' Care Of Business... ... .html?_r=0


Actually, this makes sense to me...
I've got 20 years in petrochem/chem heavy process industry and 20 years in wafer fab and biotech and I've been around one breathers and one touchers (lethal at 20-30 parts per million) during both periods. While I was at Intel, I devised a degowning protocol which the contractor I worked for used. It took 100 square feet of space and two persons to help with degowning and created three garbage bags of contaminated material. It was not stone simple or pennys cheap, but it was VERY effective and simple and low cost compared to failure. I don't see something similar being set up for hospitals and Ebola protocol because the experience and mind set aren't there yet. ... at-2014-10 ... la-2014-10

Hard eyed look..... ... me-2014-10

Something to think about... ... nt-2014-10 ... EV8CvnF-So ... n-history/ ... -on-losing

Tuesday... ... re-2014-10

Nahhh, It's Paranoia... ... ong-things

Thursday... ... d-gamblers ... 14874.html

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No Thanks, I'm A Union Man From Way Back. I Got No Intention Of Living In A Right To Work For Less State.  

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Been There, Done That. But Ya Can't Prove Nothin'... So Knock It Off With The Empty Threats. 

“It isn't necessary to imagine the world ending in fire or ice. There are two other possibilities: one is paperwork, and the other is nostalgia.”
-- Frank Zappa

Between Live Allman Bros @ The 'mo In SF, Live Broadcasts, And The King Biscuit Flour Power Hour, I Heard A Lot Of The Full Allman Bros Band (Duane/Berry) Back Inna Day. EXCEPTIONAL!!!!!

This Here's A Right To Work For Less State.... ... ?hpt=hp_t3


Sometimes Something Happens That Is Against Everything You Hope To Stand For And Is Anethema To How you Hope To Live. That Doesn't Mean You Get Out Of Doing It Nor That You Can Do It With Less Than A Full Heart And Total Dedication. It Is What It Is, Not What Ya'd Like It To Be.... ... rld-2014-9 ... sis-2014-9
Obama saw himself as the anti Dubbya, a domestic president. It's not working. What he needs to be is a competent Dubbya. That's not working so well either. The 60 Minute show was about a politician more than a leader. And this is from a 1960's/70's UC Berkeley kinda guy.....

I'm Stayin' Way Aggressive.. Chartz To Follow....

Tuesday... ... -line.html ... risis.html

Never get comfortable w/ a number. There's always a way to view it differently... ... cerpt.html

Not yet. End of quarter, seasonal issues, global issues, Ebola issues, Still way up Year over Year, I got not a huge amount to protect inna 401. moved some from and under performing fund to a better performing one... I'll keep an eye onnit...

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Here's Lookin' Atcha ______ (*.*) ___ (*.*) ___ (*.*) ___ (*.*) ___ (*.*) ___ (*.*) ___ (*.*) ______ 

“Worry is a thin stream of fear trickling through the mind. If encouraged, it cuts a channel into which all other thoughts are drained.”
--Arthur Somers Roche


Look What Bonamassa Showed Me...
Which lead to this...
Winwood,Mitch Mitchell and .... Slash?
Skaggs and Slash
Skaggs and Allman

Revising History As An Option... ... ermath-for ... her-2014-9 ... ingle.html ... -ray-rice/ ... ous-Quotes

Wednesday... ... -15-years/

Thursday... ... .html?_r=0

There are two times in a man's life when he should not speculate: when he can't afford it and when he can.
- Mark Twain

I'm thinking I will load some reallocations to reduced risk this evening; lightening up on stocks to happen at the end of the week tomorrow. I'll look at them during lunch tomorrow to see whether to let them happen....

I don't have to be right all the time... just more often than not and inna right magnitude...

Friday... ... the-place/ ... ation-rate

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As I Told My Cousin, "Don't Even Think About Askin' An Old Retired Guy How He's Doin' Unless You Have Something To Eat, Something To Drink, And A Place To Sit Down... 

"If, after hearing my songs, just one human being is inspired to say something nasty to a friend, or perhaps to strike a loved one, it will all have been worth the while."
-- Tom Lehrer


Can't Top This Truth With Any Lie, No Matter How Outrageous...

The US was the main driver of the world economy Post WW2. ... end-2014-9

In fuckin' credible.... ... le/5342281

In that era, where lynching was an accepted risk of being involved with civil rights down South, and West Coast Draft Centers and the Berkeley Campus was anti establishment radical hippie pinko shit, and they called out the ' Guard as a matter of form, No one expected a massacre at staid middle America middle class college campus. They followed it up with two more shooting deaths at Jackson State. And it lit a fire for a generation.
Check it out.
We were out to change the world, trying to save the heart and soul of America and death or incarceration was Nixon administrations' answer. Nixon had called the protestors "bums", and Allison Krause's father, a conservative middle class mainstream man (Allison was a 19 year old student in good standing at Kent State, one of four who were shot, two for protesting, two for walking in the wrong place) appeared on national TV to state in a voice cracking under the emotion,"My child was not a bum." You could hear gears grinding as some previously closed minds opened up. To say the nation was tense was an understatement. God It Pisses Me Off to this day... That Nixon et al went down in flames didn't redeem much about the darker aspects of the era.

Just to put our coupla three bucks a year contracted raise over the last three years in perspective... ... &abg=0

Amazing run; not unprecedented, but getting out there. Still....

I've been way long stocks. Make while you can. This opportunity will go away like they all do.

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Old An' Inna way..... 

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Purple Haze All Around .... 

“When you’re young, you look at television and think, There’s a conspiracy. The networks have conspired to dumb us down. But when you get a little older, you realize that’s not true. The networks are in business to give people exactly what they want. That’s a far more depressing thought. Conspiracy is optimistic! You can shoot the bastards! We can have a revolution! But the networks are really in business to give people what they want. It’s the truth.”
— Steve Jobs


Darkness and Despair...
And Now For Something Completely Different...

From Wikipedia...
Lehrer's song "The Old Dope Peddler" is sampled in rapper 2 Chainz's song "Dope Peddler", on his 2012 debut album, Based on a T.R.U. Story. The following year, Lehrer said he was "very proud" to have his song sampled "literally sixty years after I recorded it." Lehrer went on to describe his official response to the request to use his song: "As sole copyright owner of 'The Old Dope Peddler', I grant you motherfuckers permission to do this. Please give my regards to Mr. Chainz, or may I call him 2?" ... tos-2014-8

Gotta respect reality.... ... ast-2014-8 ... =&_r=0

Can you Say,"Dumber Than a Box Of Rocks"? ... nterprise/

Now Let's Try "Self Serving Wing Nuts" ... ... ule-of-law

Labor Day ... ght-for-it ... AS82vldWSo

Monday... ... -is-hitler


HUGE ... sers-game/

Thursday... ... and-prayer ... rton-show/

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Jeezus Life Gets Messy... Whatever. Beats The Alternative. 

“If you want to know what God thinks of money, just look at the people he gave it to.”
— Dorothy Parker


Outlaws....Same song as last week, different version. It's a good song...
And a better recording....
Last Hurrah
And They're Gone...

A year inna 401 since I retahrd... 16% return. Make it while you can, not when you need to.

Two Thing You Can't Avoid; Death and Texas.... ... ica-2014-8

Media hysteria aside, a buddy has a ranch in Napa... The earthquake was exciting, but he was in Alaska in 1964. THAT was an earthquake...

Double Dawg Dare Ya..... ... ons-2014-8
Not the world I grew up in.... ... news-.html

Speaks for me...


Thursday.... I had a software issue for a coupla days... catching up. ... e-minutes/
Bian Gilmartin and Jeff Miller are my antidotes... ... cks-2014-8
This guy will be right eventually.But we all are started dying the moment we were born. Worry about it when it happens. ... rash-call/ ... ine-2014-8

"However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results."
--Sir Winston Churchill ... mp;start=3 ... ustry.aspx ... convenient ... &abg=1

Ebola News ... st-popular

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Went To A Retirement Party Saturday.... Going Down One after Another.... 

“There are those who would misteach us that to stick in a rut is consistency- and a virtue; and that to climb out of the rut is inconsistency- and a vice”
-- Mark Twain



There is a college in Ohio called Kent State.... But that was a long time ago. As was James Rector in Berkeley... ... ion-2014-8's_Park_(Berkeley) ... d=65280291
Of course, those were white kids. But they were shot dead anyway...


OFF!! ... low-2014-8

And This Doesn't... ... .html?_r=0

Wednesday... ... sts-2014-8 ... -williams/

EBOLA VIRUS... ... als-2014-8 ... re-missing ... p;uprof=46
Horrible Shit... NON EBOLA ... uta-2014-8

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I Went From A 100MPH WFO Kinda Guy To A "You Kids Get Off My Lawn!" Kinda Guy. It Takes A Lot Of Time And Effort To Get Old. Tires Ya Out...  

But in a free society, people must be allowed to make choices for themselves that are incomprehensible to others.
-- Jim Norton

Freddie King... 'nuff Said.


Tea Party Crap... ... it-loathes

Soul... The great thing about Bay Area radio Top 40 and Free Form FM in the 60's and 70's was the mix of every thing from singing nuns, Dean Martin, Cal Tjader, Roger Miller,Marvin Gaye, Stones, The Dead,Stevie Wonder, Ten Years After, Cream,Hendrix,The Doors, and of course...Jaaames Brown. ... n-minutes/
Other People Agree...

Reads like news from my youth... ... tions.html



Monday... ... elite.html


Not As Easy As It Sounds...

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I'm Struck By The Parallels To Other Era's; Cold War, Aids/Herpes Epidemics, Clinton/Nixon's Impeachment Politics, Prime Interest Rates Inna Mid Teens, All Of South East Asia/Mid-East In Flames... This Too Shall Pass. 

"The salary of the chief executive of a large corporation is not a market award for achievement. It is frequently in the nature of a warm personal gesture by the individual to himself."
-John Kenneth Galbraith

HOT TUNA... Jack Cassidy Way Up Inna Mix... I Can Live Wid Dat.
Jack Wanders Out Of The Night Club And Into The Studio With Stevie...

IF YOUR A FIRST TIMER TO THE BLOG, CLICK HERE... ... 729-141334 ... ola-2014-8

Here's Varient View Onna Chart Action Above.... ... arge-caps/

GGGRRRRRRR!!!! ... much#r=rss ... rth-2014-8 ... ost-2014-8 ... 96Z0vldWSo

Monday... ... z39GWYoHE2


Tuesday.... ... .html?_r=0 ... s-20140804

Slow Motion Trainwreck... ... ine-2014-8

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Summer Inna City 

The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it.
-- Albert Einstein

IF YOUR A NEWCOMER, CLICK HERE... ... 729-141334

There were a lot of iterations of Stoneground back inna day. They were like sex; even the worst were pretty damn good. Here's three without Diedre, Lynn or Sal. But w/ Jo Baker (E. Bishop Group) Sammy Piazza(Hot Tuna), et al.
And a coupla three by my most favoritist iteration....
If Sal's voice sound familiar, think Beau Brummels.... ... ers-2014-7

Behind the curtain of the Ukrainian war... Stuff below all over the map. That's the way I see it too... ... ine-2014-7 ... z38hJp6kzj ... ine-2014-7 ... ont-2014-7 ... sia-2014-7 ... 1406573577 ... nse-2014-7

Over 90% stock at this time. It makes sense for me because this is a small part of my portfolio. I can run the risk reward up higher here because stability and income are represented big time elsewhere. That said, I will also be ruthless about protecting these funds. Look at the charts. Straight up 40% in 29 months. This ain't no roller coaster. I don't feel like stepping off near or at the top causes me to miss all the excitement and fun.

If you know me personally, you look at Brian Gilmartin, his business, his politics and his blog, and you think "What The Fuck?" But I started reading Cramer's "" back in the 90's where I encountered the handful of writers who taught me something useful and who I still follow. This is business.

WOW! I lived long enough to see this in print... ... ation.html

Tuesday... ... nists.html

Wanna figure it out? Look where the dollars are heading... ... rings.html ... -goal.html ... .html?_r=0

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It's News Today, By The End Of The Week It's History, And You Were There. Prolly Asleep (It Was Happenin' Onna Otherside O' De World....) Or Lookin' De Udder Direction..... 

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A Nod's As Good As Wink To A Blind Horse. But I Don't Run In Circles Where That Kinda Thing Is Much Approved Of... 

Humility, along with the ability of those who have been wrong to acknowledge their mistakes, are at all-time lows and, sadly, trending lower still. Ideology can apparently hold sway against reason, facts, and data for longer than I’d imagined.
-- Invictus

Then And Now...
If You Get A Screen Where They Want Ya To DownLoad The Tool, DON'T!! Wait It Out...
I had a hair cut, like Ray Gomez, once upon a time. I can't do it nowadays. Wrong color and not nearly as much as I used to have... ... any-2014-7

Part 1 and then Part 2 ... olumn.html ... rplus.html

Ideology, faith, and a cheering section allows you to hold a losing position as you run full speed into a brick wall over and over... Santelli is credited with being one of the flash points that started the Tea Party as he predicted the end of civilzation as Obama destroyed the dollar, the economy, and life as we know it. ... lli-2014-7

The Financial Crash... Gotta Plan? ... ery-2014-7 ... ter-2014-7

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Every so often, I find myself thinking that I've got something to say. Things like the "Mutual Fund Investing" riff on my web page. And 'jes Annuder Old Broked Down Pipefitter" on the blog here. "Easy Now?" part of this post, looks like more of the same. It has changed by the day. it's down to mostly pluperfect subjuntive polishing inna last day or two. I'll repost the final version above in a new post in a day or two. Serious shit...

“Buy the ticket, take the ride."
-- Hunter S. Thompson

I've Been Getting Some Serious Work Done On My Retirement... this last week or two. Yeah, I retired the first of Sept 2013. But therein lies the story alluded to, above.

This Is A Work In Progress .....

Easy Now?

Hot Tuna... Easy Now

Saw 'em Back Inna Day. Damn Good Acoustic Sets. SMOKIN' Electric Sets!

EASY NOW? Well, yeah.... the probabilities look.... well, complicated. Here's Where I'm Comin' From...

I've got this spreadsheet... I've had it for a while. It was my touchstone regarding my retirement for the last coupla three/four years. It was in large part an automated matrix of Years/Age x Sources Of Income. I had started a small business back in the 80's just as the IBM Personal Computer was introduced...

NERD ALERT!!! Seriously... Skip This Part.... There were a coupla local stores that would have sold me a PC if they had one. No one did. Hell, one store had one blank floppy disk and everybody else was outa stock. So I bopped down to the IBM corporate headquarters where this eye candy model in a business suit next to a spotlit display of a single nonoperational computer on a pedestal tried to send me up to the 12th floor to sign up with a Corporate New Account Representative. Not likely. (NTFL) So I went home and bought by mail order, a new IBM PC with the latest motherboard (256K bytes memory), dual double sided half height 360K floppy drives, the latest DOS (2.01) and one of the new amber CRT monitors, a dot matrix printer with tractor feed, and a daisy wheel printer, etc... Later, I went back to the local store and convinced the guy onna floor to sell me the only blank floppy disk available in the city since I could use it, and he might as well have no floppies as one. From there, within a coupla years I was using a word processor and Lotus 123 to create my own automated business software. my spreadsheet was set up to automatically tally my prospective post retirement income for current and future years, by monthly cash pension and Social Security payments, and by theoretical income from my investments/savings. I also had a table of my W-2 incomes for the last 10 years set off to the side to give me a reference for the monthly and yearly income, and the matrix was done multiple times on the page with various rates of return on my savings. The whole spreadsheet was interactive and linked to my personal financial spreadsheets, allowing me to update it instantly and track it real time.

The end result was that when I was no longer able to work in 2013, my spreadsheet told me that my pension/Social Security income would give me a livable income and that given a 4% return on my savings, if I withdrew only the income, I could get all the way to what I'd earned in 2010, paying the bills, allowing some discretionary spending, and allowing me to draw principal as required for some inflation protection...

Kool. It was not like I had a choice. Regardless, I was set. I retired. But I was only sure about the here and now.... Where would I stand as the years went by? Would my wife and I be living in a cardboard box in ten or twenty or thirty years? Would I be able to leave the kids anything? Should my wife or I die well before the other one did, how would the survivor get by?

My Union pension is fixed. What about inflation? How fast would my Union pension's contribution to my income shrink? How much other income would be required to replace it and how soon? Can I spend a dollar on fun stuff today with a clear conscience, or will every dollar spent hasten the arrival of the day that I try to convince myself that living with the kids was my plan for my wife and I all along? Will I have to speed up my rehab from my latest knee surgery so I can get a job? Am I doomed to a future with an orange apron in it?

Passive acceptance is not my preferred mode of operation, finding out what's going on and dealing with it is. So I started to get some answers. I began with this table...

As per the Actuarial Life Table for 2009 from the Social Security Administration, if ya started with a theoretical 100K males, by the time you get to 63 years, my age at my retirement, you'd have 82.6K men left standing. The nominal life expectancy at 63 is 19 years. That gives an average mortality at 82 years old. But that also means that of the 82K men standing with me when I was 63, 41K of them are expected to still be standing when we all hit 82. Hopefully I'll be one of the ones standing. If I am, I'll still need income and with hopefully a lotta good years to go I'll need a handfull. Let's say that my health and luck are good. If so, I have a 1 in 4 chance of still being alive at 89 and still needing income. That's not an outlandish bet. Running out of money and needing to get a job in my 90's worrys me a lot more than leaving my kids with more to inherit than I expected to leave them if I die in my late 70's. So I have to plan for a 30 year long retirement without a brick wall at 92, just in case I make 100 plus years old.

Next I needed an income and expense matrix, including pension income, assets, investment income, taxes, inflation, expenses, a discretionary budget, a bequest number, and all this by a timetable. And I need it in a format that will allow me to track it so I can see if it is working, and give me direction as to what to do to keep it working in the face of the unexpected. If I had this, then I would have a plan.

Well, as per noted elsewhere in my blog, I've sought out investment professionals to handle part of my retirement income and they've been busy doin' what they do. Such as working up the plan I just described. I've been grinding on the finer details for a week...

I'll stop here for now. Mostly. So Far, So Good. I'm retired and the near future is well in hand. And, I've got what I need to evaluate whether I can continue to live comfortably in my current lifestyle, do some fun retired type things, help the kids out along the way, leave them something, and not have to move us old folks in with them for the last decade or two. Hell, my wife and I barely survived the first go round of living with the kids when they were teenagers. The good news is that I can do all that good stuff above. The bad news is that It's not a slam dunk. My pension covers about 55% of our expenses this year. Given historically based projections of inflation, my expenses will be multiplied by about 2.3 times by the time I'm 82. My pension is projected to be 26% of our income at that point, without counting for increased medical coverage costs. If I hit 90, I'll be needing 3 times today's income to maintain my standard of living and my pension is projected to cover only 19% of that cost, again not counting for increased medical coverage cost. The numbers are surprising... and the base reality is not encouraging. My Union Pension is fixed, my medical coverage comes out of the gross sum, and medical costs will grow, reducing my monthly pension payment. Currently only about half our our pension income will be adjusted for inflation. On top of that, Social Security is motivated to fudge on the cost of living adjustment so as to delay going broke, leaving everyone falling slowly behind every year. And, just to pile on when I'm down, my wife's pension's cost of living adjustment is based on the first year's number. That number, (a neglible amount) will follow her to the end of her days... A VERY tricky bit of fine print! And on top of that, she has not yet drawn her Social Security. When she does, her Social Security will be reduced over what she should get because she has a state pension rather than a private one. Bummer. So I'm going to have to do the heavy lifting of our retirement income cost of living adjustments myself. The good news is it looks like I can do it with my savings and investments. I like this plan they came up with. I can make this work.

But It Was A MAJOR Slap Upside The Head to see the numbers and see how much the future will rely on sucessful financial planning and investments.

Uhhh. You got this under control for yourself...right?


And That's How "I Saw The Light"....

"Cuz "Death Don't Have No Mercy In This Land"...

An' 'Cuz It Feels Too Good To Stop...I'll "Keep My Lamps Trimmed And Burning"
RIP George Duke. (Check Out "I Love The Blues, She Heard My Cry." This Was His First Release Post His Time W/ Zappa, A Sampler For What Lay Ahead.)
I Been Listening To Stanley Clarke for 40 years. I Plan To Continue...

Yup... Born on third base and sure that they are major league hitters... ... surowiecki ... -solution/

Target Date Funds; Threat Or Menace? ... -hysteria/ ... mp;index=4

Gets To Where A Feller Cain't Go Amblin' Inta Get A Sarsparilla Without Stirrin' Up A Lil' Dust Devil...

Blows My Mind...

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That Hoo Doo That You Do So Well..... 

"Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow; it empties today of its strength."
Corrie Ten Boom

Outa State! Far Off, Man! ... obs-2014-6

Sunday... ... -economics ... pass-test/ ... gap-2014-6
Let's Add "No Doc" Mortgages Given "On The Spot". ... 013-9?op=1

I'm A Democrat Because I'm Smart, A Good Person, And Have A Sense Of History And A Conscience. Not Because I Don't Have A Dollar And Am Envious Of Those Who Do. Show Me A Broke Senior Politition Of Any Stripe And I'll Show You One Too Stupid For Me To Vote For.

A Fucking Deadly, Horrible, Multi-Decade Shake Out Full Of Misery And Brutality. Time, Education, And Prosperity Is The Only Way To Get To The Other Side... ... aq-2014-29 ... tisfaction

Vampire squid.. ... co-depths/


FUCKING HUGE!!! ... 7M8jvmICm6 ... surowiecki ... 7M7RfmICm4


Goin' Back To An Ol' Favorite...

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