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"My Mind Starts Relaxin' When I See Pictures Of Jackson..." Richard "Little Richard" Penniman 

Losing less money is considered a big success on Wall Street. In the world of fund management, relative outperformance vs. a benchmark is the focus, but any individual who is struggling to only lose 30% or so vs. the 37% that the S&P 500 has lost is going to barely survive.
-- James “Rev Shark” DePorre

Chartz And Table Zup @

So, I'm coming home over the Bay Bridge from the three union meetings we had over contract negotiations and allocations, and I keep seeing doughnuts in the middle of burnouts... Then I find this...
far out.

 ... 6965.story

Skanky... ... g-america/ ... .html?_r=1

Monday ... aders.html
Watch for news on Romney's IRA... Interesting... ... ing-dodgy/

Tuesday... ... e-money-2/

Wednesday... ... imism.html ... G120120724

Thurs... ... fsrc=gn_ep

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Bankers And Other Financial Professionals... Like Say Barclays Or Peregrine... Threat? Or Menace?  

Rick: Your cash is good at the bar.
Banker: What? Do you know who I am?
Rick: I do. You're lucky the bar's open to you.

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Troy Bayliss is one of the most talented and determined racers of all time. But in 2002, Colin Edwards had his measure...Bayliss was one full race worth of points up on Colin going into Laguna Seca. And he took the first Laguna race. Colin won the second race and all of the rest of the season. ... lassic.htm ... ampion.htm ... F_1024.jpg

 ... _business/ ... als-defect ... gists.html ... -fail.html ... 2/id/41862 ... certainty/

I'm all bonds now inna 401. I will be all stocks at some point. A day, a week, a year or seven from now. The thing is that the right balance between premature and too late will end up making the maximum amount of money in the 401. I'm comfortable with my concerns right now. Of course I was comfortable with them at the generational(?)low in 2009 and I left a lot of money on the table staying too comfortable worried about losing money. I think I'll allocate a little more time toward being uncomfortable. ... dvice.html ... 21988.html ... ircus.html

Monday... ... brightest/

Fuckin' "A" Tweetie Bird!!!! ... g-address/

Tues... ... d-victims/ ... layground/

THURSDAY... ... ounts.html

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Bull Markets Are A Breeze, You Buy, You Hold, The Money Flows In, And You Look And Feel Like A Genius. Bear Markets, You Allocate And Reallocate And Risk And Work Hard For A Hand Full Of Dollars. Oh Well. That's How The Game Is Played.... Victories Are Unimpressive And Sweet! Or So I've Been Told...  

Thoughtless risks are destructive, of course, but perhaps even more wasteful is thoughtless caution, which prompts inaction and promotes failure to seize opportunity.
-- Gary Ryan Blair

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Butterfield with.... Dylan with... Gravenites with...Bloomfield with...BLOOMFIELD!! ... re=related ... re=related ... ure=relmfu



Tuesday 7/10

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Contract Ends Today (Sat), No Agreement, And The Clock Ticking On A Strike. And Will The Markets Accept Fixing Europe's Debt Problem By Borrowing Money And The Bailed Out Nations Helping Bail Out Other Nations? I'm Just Not Sure About All This Uncertainty.... 

You would be amazed how few traders are sure about uncertainty.
-- Howard Simons

Chartz And Table Zup @

Butterfield... ... re=related ... ure=fvwrel
I saw Paul in the late 80's upstairs at the Last Day Saloon on Clement. We were at a front row table and when they started cooking, we stood up to give them room and pretty much stood with the band. It was the band from "The Legendary Paul Butterfield Rides Again" recording. So Great And So Over Too Soon... ... tions?lite ... -the-news/

 ... -equities/ ... -49-9.html

I'm feelin' conservative.... in avoiding downside risk. I'm expecting the "Europe Is Saved Again" rally to last under a week...

Like minded individuals... ... next-week/ ... etely-fed/

Monday... ... ilded-age#

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When The World's Spiraling Down, Save The Best Of What's Still Around... Like Lindley And Cooder.  

“The modern conservative is engaged in one of man's oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.”
-- John Kenneth Galbraith

Chartz And Table Zup at

David Lindley!!!!! Very Very Greasy... Ry Cooder!!!!! Memo From Turner To Buena Vista Social Club... Very Very Cool. ... re=related ... ure=relmfu ... ure=relmfu ... ure=relmfu ... A&NR=1 ... ure=relmfu
Why Back in My Student Days, I Never Listened To KSAN W/Out My Reel To Reel Cued Up...
Jagger/Cooder. There's a Story... Randy Newman Doing Sound Track Work 40 Years Ago, Merry Clayton Doing "Poor White Hound Dog", Ry Cooder's Incendiary Slide Work, Lowell George And Buffy Sainte Marie, The Last Poets Doing Hip Hop/Rap Decades Ahead Of Anyone else. I saw "Performance' in a sneak preview as part of a test audience for a "foreign film starring Mick Jagger." When the lights came on, the audience stood up and walked out of the building en masse without a sound, blown away. My girlfriend and I got to the car before I managed a "JESUS!!!". The last scene is on a level with that of Electra Glide In Blue...

Hell In A Handbasket An All That... Bonds Inna 401. ... und-patch/

The Engine Driving The World Economy ... cracy.html ... -post.html

Not That It Can't Continue...Just Not Forever. ... re-buyers/ ... ft-options ... f=business

The BIS (Bank Of International Settlement)was formed in 1930 and acts as a central bank for the world’s monetary authorities. It said extraordinary measures have reduced incentives for politicians and other borrowers to repair balance sheets, and created the illusion that central banks can do much more to stoke growth and redress imbalances. Central bank policy “buys time” in the short term for banks and governments to tackle debt overhangs, the BIS said. European finance ministers meeting in Luxembourg last week battled over strategies to contain the debt crisis. Leaders are due to hold a summit on June 28-29, which will be their 19th since the turmoil erupted. ... -says.html ... -says.html

I'm operating on the basis that the last part of the popping of the tech/real estate bubble is about to occur; the "You postponed it, but you can't escape it phase." Interest rates near zero and money donated to money center banks has bought some time. Now the problems haves to be fixed. Including the debt created in postponing the problems... I'm mostly concerned with the return OF capital, rather than the return ON capital. Watch this insanely aggressive ex motorcycle road racer get prudent. ... -cuts-7-1/ ... k-to-life/ ... print.html ... .html?_r=1 ... lope-down/

How exactly these reforms will work, one can only speculate – as I do in the second half of my book, for about 200 pages. But I am no prophet, and predictions of this kind rarely work. Even the greatest books on political economy and history, all the way back to Marx or even Plato, analyse brilliantly what is going on but generally fail to predict what comes next. They see the forces shaping the future, but not the way it will turn out. ... capitalism

Monday Eve ... w.facebook ... centu.aspx ... risis.html ... f=business ... low-2012-6

WED... ... r_embedded ... 9cUuSaS7Jo

Thurs... ... lying.html

Stay Tooned....

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Potential War In The Mid East, Financial And Economic Collapse In Europe, Recession Looming In SA, India And China, Major Unemployment Issues In The US Long After What Passes As A Recovery Has Taken Place. Still It's A Beautiful Sunny Day Today And Father's Day Is Happening Today And Tomorrow. Grab The Good Times Even While You Sweat The Bad Times. Life Is A One Act Play. Enjoy All Of It. 

I really don't want to hear about "values." It is meaningless to me if the price action doesn't confirm the fact that something is cheap and people recognize that fact. If a stock really is a good value, then it should start trading up. I don't care what the analysis might be. A stock is not a good value if it doesn't increase in price.
-- James “Rev Shark” DePorre

Chartz And Table Zup @

Speaking Of Grabbing Good Times While You Can... From Back Inna Day...

 ... essionals/ ... spx?page=0

And, In Counterpoint....Happy Father's Day to You Too.... ... crumbling/ ... cracy.html

MONDAY Eve... ... #s=1092093

Wednesday... ... -plan?lite


Yeah I'm in bonds. But I will get out of them at some point as fast as I got in.... ... -briefing/ ... -edge.html ... more-80820 ... f=business ... hilosophy/ ... ns/235415/ ... gains.html ... m-florida/

98% Bonds and 2% Stocks Inna 401. Prolly Stay That Way For A While...

Stay Tooned....

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WFO! Twist The Wrist! 100 MPH @ 100 Degrees! Rode My CBR Over To Rent A Can Am Spyder To Visit My Uncle And Try To Put Him In The Wind. The Spyder Is A Strange Beast With A Detuned Aprilia Superbike Motor. And What A Motor!!! But Gawd It Felt Good To Get Back On a 600 And Two Wheels Onna Way Home... BUT, I've Seen The Light. I NEED A LOT MORE MOTOR AND THE SAME SIZE BIKE. It Should Be Doable....  

The budget should be balanced, the treasury should be refilled; public debt should be reduced; and the arrogance of public officials should be controlled.
-- Cicero, 106-43 B.C.

Chartz And Table Zup @

Pop music; Lightweight, disposable. And INFECTIOUS. Somebody Get Me A Cheeseburger!!! ... woiy-Fwm0E ... re=related ... re=related ... re=related
Ten points if you don't need the reference explained. Twenty points if you know who Steve Miller's lead guitarist was on the first LP. Twenty five points if you know where to find HIS cut with Duane Allman playing lead for him. Lose it all if you don't know where to find all the live shows with Duane.

Hang On To your Hat! It Looks Like Europe Is Saved Again!!!!

Hey!! Wait A minute...... ... dos-2012-6 ... p-in-mind/ ... -all-time/ ... us-economy

Monday Eve... ... alues.html

Europe/Greece/Spain/Whatever Is Saved Again Rally's Are Losing Their Efficacy... It's A Habituation Kinda Thing....

I hope he ain't right, but I gotta listen and allow the possibility that he may be...

This is what an eighth of a trillion Euro's buys you... ... s-you.html

This morning... ... s-you.html ... s-war.html

Twist The Wrist ... o-is-open/

COLD...... ... idice.html

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De Doe Doe Doe, De Dah Dah Dah...Is All I Want To Say To You... "The Police" From The Lost "Dragnet Tapes". 

Monday Eve... ... t-respect/


Smokin' Hot Day!!!!


“As to the stock market: again, calm down. Counter trend rallies are euphoric. They are fast, big, and make you want to believe again...

Click THIS!!!! ... d-rallies/

Click the charts....

Waiting on something more definitive.....

Big in bonds, chump change in stocks.... ... wanted=all

Thurs Eve.. ... w-through/ Did not happen... ... t_bradbury ... Dragon.php

Bail Out The Banks?.....Hmmmmm... ... ast-value/ ... ustry.html

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Internet Issues..... But the fact that I posted that, means..... 


Not much changed... Lookit da S&P.....


Well... That unemployment report qualifies as a change....

Cash and bonds inna 401 work fo me....


Don't think for a minute, that with $150,000,000 on the line, your health and well being might not be onna line right next to it.... ... llion.html ... s-middles/

All Bonds And Stable Value.

Stay Tooned...

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There Is No Point To Making Money In The 401 If After Every Rip, I Give It Right Back On The Next Dip. "Deer In The Headlights" And Passive Acceptance Are Not My Preferred Modes Of Operation....  

A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.
--Herm Albright

Chartz And Table Zup @

Sometimes ya turn yer back onna favorite burger shake and fries and go for some duck breast tangerine ginger Marsala and scallops poached in butter, garlic, and shallots. ... re=related ... ising.html

The more I think about the events of the last two weeks, the more I think that we're simply at an all-time low. The meltdown in Europe, the quick 8% savaging of US stocks after a fairy tale Q1, the utter failure of Facebook's IPO to do a single fucking thing for the markets or the retail investing's all just garbage.

J. Brown ... -time-low/

Useful input. Valuable with a pull date and a limited area of use. No more. To be looked at through the lens of time and experience accepting that we are in a multi variant reality where reality is a process and value is time and personal space variant. ... bookstore/

I'm not as good nor is it as easy as it looks. I watch for trends to develop and as Rev Shark says, "You try to catch most of the move." Playing the major trends and ignoring the meaningless noise costs me the start and finish of the major moves while I wait to make sure they are for real. The rapid trading restrictions puts me in partial positions for the start of the up trend as I try to reallocate responsibly within the restrictions, and it makes me way too heavy while I try to get out during the down trend. Still, over the last 17 months, I caught part of a 5% up move, avoided most of a down 20% move, caught part of an up 20% move, and I'm holding 10% stocks and going lighter during the current down trend. It's work, but what was scrambling for pennies in front of a steam roller years ago has now morphed into keeping a significant part of my retirement retirement money from taking a substantial hit on these swoosh downs.

"It is not how right or how wrong you are that matters, but how much money you make when right and how much you do not lose when wrong."
-- George Soros ... et-fallacy ... book-stock ... .html?_r=1 ... index.html ... /?all=true

'The Golden Age of Silicon Valley Is Over, and We're Dancing on its Grave' ... e/257401/# ... paper.html

Mon Eve... ... -pump.html ... /index.htm

WED: ... t-too.html ... ation.html ... un-to.html

Stay Tooned....

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"In other words, JPMorgan Chase, entirely without any help from the government has lost, in this one set of transactions, five times the amount they claim financial regulation is costing them," Barney Frank said. 

It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt.
-- Mom

Chartz And Table Zup @

Listening to the King.... ... re=related ... re=related ... re=related ... re=related ... BWID1ygQbo

One of the first exposures I had to re imported blues back inna day... Freddie King by way of London from the Mayall "Beano" Bluesbreakers LP...early/mid 60's. Bought it when I was in high school... ... ature=fvwp ... mp;emc=rss ... ion-2012-5 ... h-to-fail/ ... 5541.story ... 5576.story

Monday Eve ... 0867.story ... n3KzqoqVpg ... is-summer/

Jeff doin' his thing. Gotta love it. That said,

There is the economy and there are the markets. The markets rest on the economy and ultimately, the economy determines the markets. Kinda. After all the hysteria and emotionality plays out. It does. This Euro/China/US doom and destruction/moral malaise will work itself out. My job is to protect my hard earned capital until that time comes. If I avoid losses as much as possible, I can still have a dollar to put on the pass line come the financial Spring time. And that is a GOOD THING... Trust me.

Thurs Eve...

Stay tooned...

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I'm Just An Old School Kinda Guy..... 'Cuz I'm Just Plain Old..  

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Beautiful Spring Saturday Morning And Some Guitar Music Outa The Past. But Then... As Long As I'm Listening To It Today On my Internet Device, Ain't It Current Music?  

"Patience is waiting. Not passively waiting; that is laziness. But to keep going when the going is hard and slow -- that is patience."
-- Unknown

Chartz And Table Zup @ ... re=related ... n&NR=1

Every pitcher tells a story, doughnut..... ... ring-2012/ ... chernobyl/ ... re=related

Nuclear Fires from a safe distance.... ... test-hits/ ... big-media/ ... tax-dodge/ ... ters-live/ ... -sake.html

Thursday ... 72509.html ... -recession ... ur-crises/

80% bonds/cash and 20% equities inna 401... with more of an eye on keeping what I've made. If I leave possible gains onna table today or tomorrow, I'll still have the scratch to make 'em later during some upcoming tomorrow. If I do miss out on a downdraft in the near future, I won't have to waste time getting back to even....

Asset allocation and risk management with the realization that on all but the sunniest days, you still have to navigate SOME weather...... and I'm not comfortable looking out at the horizon....

Stay tooned.

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Spring Has Landed In No. CA Like A Ton Of Hay Fever. Flowers And Pollen And 80+ Degree Temps + Bikes Onna Pacific Coast Highway.....Koooll!  

The conventional view serves to protect us from the painful job of thinking.
-- John Kenneth Galbraith

Chartz And Table Zup @

Sixty percent cash and bonds and 40% stock. I'm feelin' the risk and not the reward....

Monday Eve...
Closer to 70/30 Bonds & Cash To Stock ... e-station/

Stay Tooned....

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" Why Not Sell In April And Go Away?" Doug Kass. Why Not Indeed? 

"Stubbornness is the strength of the weak."
-- Johann Kaspar Lavater

Chartz And Table Zup @

Gotta Love A Band W/ Four Tuba Players. No, Not Tuba Playa's.... ... tTrackID=3
Parta What Made The Bay Area So Great Back Inna Day Was Taj Hangin' Around Here And Doin' The 'Mos...Here's Just About Yesterday At The Beacon Inna Big Apple.... ... omy-guide/ ... point.html

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For there's a change in the weather, There's a change in the sea, So from now on there'll be a change in me. There's A Change Inna Market, There's A Change In Me, Gonna Try To Keep A Dollar, Just You Wait And See... 

"It is not how right or how wrong you are that matters, but how much money you make when right and how much you do not lose when wrong." -- George Soros

Chartz And Table Zup @ ... re=related

Stocks have hit the same levels three times in January, March, and April. And the news cycle sounds bad. Too much risk for no gains.

I'm reducing exposure to stocks by 50%. Mostly done... but still cutting back as restrictions allow.

The broad market does not correlate tightly with the funds in the 401 (less VIFSX), but it tells a less noisy story.

Stay tooned....

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No I Did Not Win The Mega Millions Lotto. 

I Was Prolly Gonna Take The Whole Week Off of EVERYTHING If I Won the Lottery. I Didn't Win. But I Can Take The Week Off Writing The Blog, Anyway. So I Will...

Still WAY Long Stocks As Per Off For The Week Or Not, If That Changes, I'll Post It here Anyway...

So It Goes.... ... brokerage/

Wed; ... -insanity/


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First Things First. Or Not.... I Have Iron Clad Unbreakable Rules, First Among Which Is To Always Cut My Self Some Slack....  

A stockbroker is someone who invests your money until it is all gone.
-- Woody Allen

Chartz And Table Zup @

Sounded good back inna day. Still does. The live Record Plant broadcast were great... Play it LOUD. ... TrackID=10
The version of Doobie Wah does have a lotta more Doobie to it than the slower versions I'm more familiar with... ... mail-shows ... /120329958 ... iming.html

 ... wanted=all ... -2011.html

Damn good year in three months. TEMPTING to lock in profits... ... wanted=all

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Playin' Inna Band.... 

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Goin' Old Skool 

Listen To The Market, Not The Noise That Surrounds It.
-- Robert Lang

Chartz And Table Zup.... @

Aulde Skooole Musick.... ... 20208video ... 8?irpc=932 ... wanted=all ... grams.html ... H520120308

I've been listening to Dan Fitzpatrick on charts for a while. He deals in stocks, the 401 deals in mutual funds. But chartz are charts... I'm confident that some of the money I make I owe to listening to him.

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What A Strange Long Trip It's Been.... And We're Only Half Way There.... 

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Hmm.. .Blogs; A Total Waste of Time? A Source Of Dangerous Mis Information?, Self Centered Self Gratification? A Dangerous Crowding Out Of Real Content? The Descent Of Erudite Intellectual Activity Into the Cacophony Of The Uneducated Masses? The Dilution Of Expertise And Knowledge?..... Pretty Much. 

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Your Life Is A One Act Play And You Are The Author. I'm Writing My Life As An Adventure and A Light Hearted Comedy. What Choo You Doin' Wit' Your Lifes? 

It has always been my view that Technical Analysis is an art, and like art, there are a lot of really bad examples of it out there.
--Rev Shark

Chartz and Table Zup @

Damn!! ... re=related ... re=related ... re=related
I GOT to start listening to something beside my Wolfgang's Vault downloads.....

So as of Nov 2011, I was 25% in bonds and 75% in stocks in my 401. I was a mile out there in the face of darkness and despair, listening to Jeff Miller of "A Dash Of Insight". Jeff was saying, "Pay Attention to the data..." "Pay attention to what should happen..." "Government works THIS way..." "Don't extrapolate your fears...".

I decided that there was a significant chance that this data driven assessment was a correct assessment and with a rigorous money management, I could make some money at relatively minimal risk.

Today, I'm down to 13% bonds and 87% stocks. Much of the change is because while bonds haven't gone down much, stocks have gone up a lot. It worked out right for me and it was self reinforcing. I set my allocation strongly in the aggressive direction. I was prepared to admit I was wrong, reverse my strategy, and sell out of the position if it went against me. I was also prepared to accept my stock/bond allocation automatically shifting in the right direction from an already aggressive position as good things happened.

It is said that there is an optimum proportion for a portfolio based on this and that and that you should re balance your portfolio every so often based on this and that so that you get it right back where it is supposed to be. It is also said to "Buy 'em when they're cryin' and sell 'em when they're yellin'".

I lean toward the latter. I'm just a poor ol' pipefitter with one client and one family to answer to, unencumbered by too many expectations and too much conventional knowledge. I just know that stocks and bonds go up and down, and if you work hard enough to have more of what is going up and less of what is going down, and that if you lean harder on not doing anything stoopid than on being too smart, you make money. Kinda what a self directed plan is all about.

I don't spend any time on looking for the one good decision/fund that will be the only thing I'll ever have to do, or the way to avoid having to deal with an ever changing and complicated world. That would be a waste of time.

Still running uphill to the right from downhill to the left; still worth more than it used to be a short time ago. Ride this Slow Train until it turns around........ And It Will.

Fuckin "A" Tweetie Bird!!!! ... licans.php

Stay tooned.

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Smoking First 6 Weeks Of The Year. On Fire From Here? Or Down In Flames?  

"No one that ever lived has ever had enough power, prestige, or knowledge to overcome the basic condition of all life -- you win some and you lose some."
-- Ken Keyes, Jr.

Chartz And Table Zup @

Rory... ... re=related ... re=related
Play a gazllion concerts and stuff keeps coming outa the walls fifteen years after you're gone. Miss ya, Rory.

Greece is going down in flames and taking the world's economy down with it. Or the long slow twisting in the wind and the story being headlines for a year has allowed everyone exposed to the story to cover their ass enough to get by. I'm going into the week long betting on the second scenario. I may duck and cover latter in the week/month.... but I think the markets are telling us that there will be more of a squall that a hurricane. We'll see...

Stay tooned....

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Superbowl Sunday; Prolly Get To Doin' A Little Work On My Superbike... 

"There are some things which cannot be learned quickly, and time, which is all we have, must be paid heavily for their acquiring."
Ernest Hemingway

Chartz And Table Zup @

To Choogle, Or Not To Choogle....That Is The Question...
They stopped by the radio station with the acetate off the metal master only hours old and the DJ spun the first two tracks, which were pretty good. Then he looked at the band and said, "The next one is pretty long... The band said,"Play it! It's a GOOD one." He dropped the needle on "Suzie Q". In those days I always had the reel to reel lit and ready to go whenever the radio was on because shit like this happened all the time. I had half of the first Creedence LP months before anyone else.

Smoking Year So Far...Made The Most Of It Too.

This is the way I see the world. It saved me money and made me money. Bonds last summer and stocks this winter. ... ical-rant/ ... both-ways/

Something is goin' on. The chartz been sayin' so since October. The market has had every opportunity to go south since New Year, and it hasn't. It may be that US structural employment issues to the side, Europe has been in the news long enough for the long and painful and grudging solution to it has been discounted. And that the threatening flameout of China, inevitable or not, is still out on the horizon and still out there somewhere in the future. And that US corporations are as lean as they can get and will have to hire to keep the stellar profits that they have been making, or lose out to someone who will.

If the above is all true, as of the end of Monday, I'll be at 85% stocks and 15% bonds in the 401 and lookin' good. But, if I'm badly mistaken and Greece goes down in flames with Portugal, Ireland, Spain, and plunges all of Europe into depression, taking down a huge chunk of China's export business with it, and US corporations start firing instead of hiring,well, I will be way too long stocks at the end of Monday.

Nothing that wholesale selling won't fix. I've had a good run since October and I'll move quickly to protect it. ... -1.1015716

 ... ather.html ... -nfp-data/

Post October, What's Not To Like? Aside from the 50% correction of the October move in November.... Kinda expect to see another pullback soon. Maybe a big one. If so, I hafta think about getting flat. 1080 to 1350 is a 'ways. Bulls make money, bears make money, pigs get slaughtered. But I'll react to what the market tells me. If the market consolidates on rotation or sideways action, I'll stay put. ... -together/

Monday Eve... ... print.html ... icle=47190

Lemme Go See If It's Where I Parked It....And, Second Place Is First Loser.

Tues Eve

Stocks Holding...Bonds Rolling Over...Stayin' Put.

You Ahl Stay Tooned...Ya Here?

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Hey!!! Us Northern Californians Would Be Happy To Take Some Of That Rain From Those With Too Much. A Coupla Years Of Brown Hills And Lawns Inna Spring And Yellow Water Inna Toilets All Year 'Round Inna 70's Was Enuff, Thank You. 

"The art of investment is the art of selling. Buying is a lesser skill and holding requires no skill at all."
-- Harry Schultz

Chartz And Table Zup @

Dougie Sahm; Long Live Garage Bands And The Razor Sharp Sound Of A Farfisa Or A Vox Continental. ... re=related ... re=related ... re=related

I'm up 28% over all of last year's gains... in the first month of this year. It's a balance of cashing in on the rips and buying the dips vs letting it ride and not making your move too soon. The buying is one part. Selling is the other. Let's see how this year works out.
My original 60/40 from last year is now 76/23 as stocks have gone up. That is way rich for a bear market, which I believe that we are in and will stay in for a while yet. But every hurricane has its eye and ya can't pile water up at one end of the bathtub and expect it to stay there. I'm working with what the markets are offering.

 ... ort-story/ ... on-abates/ ... llwethers/
Risk on and risk off. Correlation and widespread investor fear is why I'm bipolar in outlook managing my 401. No matter how good the fund manager may be or where the fund may invest, panic in and panic out overwhelms everything. So that is the overwhelming dynamic and I'm hanging tough despite the surges in and out. The trend is up...pretty much and for now. But I'm STILL stickin' near the door. ... e-thrived/ ... mployment/

The original 99% movement...Occupy Washington
Patton and MacArthur and tanks vs US citizens in the streets ... -movement/
General Butler invoked the 99% movement, telling the veterans:

We are divided, in America, into two classes: The Tories on one side, a class of citizens who were raised to believe that the whole of this country was created for their sole benefit, and on the other side, the other 99 per cent of us, the soldier class, the class from which all of you soldiers came. That class hasn’t any privileges except to die when the Tories tell them. Every war that we have ever had was gotten, up by that class. They do all the beating of the drums. Away the rest of us go. When we leave, you know what happens. We march down the street with all the Sears-Roebuck soldiers standing on the sidewalk, all the dollar-a-year men with spurs, all the patriots who call themselves patriots, square-legged women in uniforms making Liberty Loan speeches. They promise you. You go down the street and they ring all the church bells. Promise you the sun, the moon, the stars and the earth,–anything to save them. Off you go. Then the looting commences while you are doing the fighting. This last war made over 6,000 millionaires. Today those fellows won’t help pay the bill.

Where do you fit? ... ition.html ... 2920120127 ... yiNh8VSQig


Stay Tooned...

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All Hail Marx And Lennon... 

Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?
-- Groucho Marx

Chartz And Table Zup... @

Ich Bin Ein Krome Dinette...
-- Francesco Zapparelli ... re=related ... re=related ... re=related ... re=related

Awesome week in the face of all that is darkness and despair. Now what?

Sunday Eve...

71% / 29% Stocks vs Bonds in the 401. STILL leaning toward the door, ready to go to cash, still earning money. As Cramer Says, "They don't put an asterisks next to your number." I'm nervous about everything but the price, and ready to bail if it actually starts to look bad...

The FED gooses the market....Steady as she goes... Still leaning toward the door.......

Stay Tooned....

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First Time In Years I've Dug Through The Fusion Section Of The Record Cabinet... AWESOME!!!!!!! 

“I like to pay taxes. With them, I buy civilization.”
-- Oliver Wendell Holmes

Chartz And Table Zup @

It's been a few years since I dug through the fusion section and anything vinyl with Al Di Meola on it is amazing with a very good MC cartridge. ... re=related ... re=related ... re=related ... re=related

This explains my world view; ... n-fran.png
I can see the Outer Outer Sunset from my front door....

Situation unchanged inna 401a. I may change everything big time next week... Check it out ... -of-europe
New Monday Eve ... d-outlook1
 ... ginSlide=1
Book yer crooze inna next few weeks. prices prolly gonna be real reasonable....

The 401 is a "self directed" plan in which the participant applies a strategy and tactics to secure his retirement. Hope is not a strategy and "deer in the headlights" is a piss poor tactic.

Wed Eve... ... ses-point/

Thursday, moved a little money from bonds to stocks. Movin' a little more tomorrow. Stocks are goin' up. Volume, sentiment, news, technicals and fundamentals don't inspire confidence. The only thing I like is the price action.. Still turned toward the door, leaning, with the weight onna back foot. I'm making money inna 401, but even more concerned wit not losing it. Check out this weekends chartz and tablez.

Stay Tooned...

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First Week Of The Year. I Gotta Hangover Of Christmas/Holiday Cheer. Not All Hangovers Are Bad....  

Many conveniently cite a book that they have not read, covering data that they have not reviewed, employing methodology that they do not understand, and reaching a conclusion that is not shared by many peers. This happens because the conclusions support a viewpoint that they already hold -- quite fervently. As a result, people are willing to bet real money.
-- Jeff Miller

Chartz And Table Zup @

I just found a new one... ... re=related
This stuff comes outa the woodwork. Gawd, to go back to '66-'71 and relive those years with a video camera and DVD audio...

And, just like that, a Rory Gallagher video recording of excellent quality from a superb performance I hadn't seen surfaces and disappears. Oh Well. Here's one I, at least never tire of.... ... eview.html ... 3054.story

No Change Inna 401...
We still have holiday/1st of the new year sentiment and momentum. I'm up close to last year's high water mark and everything is OK. At least at this very second and at this exact location. I'm concerned , watchful, and less than fully invested and leaning toward the door... ... -the-euro/ ... good-luck/ ... -view.html

The Crossing Wall Street link is from an avowed "Buy And Holder". He's right, as is Rev "Saving Souls From Buy And Hold" Shark.
The key is capital preservation and risk management. So far, pretty damn good. ... tball-fail ... match-game

Time and price in the charts say that the bulls/dip buyers are in a place to strike fear into the hearts of portfolio managers over trailing the indexes right off the first few weeks of the year.

Fundamentally, I don't buy it. But standing in front of moving trains is a poor practice, regardless of whether or not they should be there in the first place.

Tues Eve

I'm on that moving train.... Caution is the watchword....

Stay Tooned....

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